Meet Kendra Gallos!


Courses Taught at NCVPS:

English 3. I also am an IL (Instructional Leader) for English . . . a job I share with two amazing colleagues.

Additional Jobs:

I teach face-to-face at North Davidson High School in Davidson County, North Carolina. I teach English 3, and I am the Dance Team coach as well as the Staff Development and Canvas Coordinator for my school.

Teaching Experience:

I am entering my 26th year! Yikes! I have been teaching online with NCVPS since the summer of 2008.

Experience as an Online Student:

I have taken several online courses, all for professional development. My first was with LearnNC to prepare to teach for NCVPS.

Advice to Online Students:

My advice would be to be patient with yourself as you learn the process, keep a regular schedule to do the online work, and always ask your instructor for help.

The Internet:

My two current favorite sites are Twitter and Pinterest. I spend the bulk of my time on Twitter where I follow every educational tech site, English site, leadership site, etc. that I can find. I love the 140 character limit so I can read the advice quickly and then re-tweet to save for later.

Gadgets and Things:

My favorite gadget is my iPad mini. I love it so much because it holds all of my music and movies. I like that I can access these items without internet. I also love to use it to read on my Kindle app.

Goals this Year:

My goal this semester is to hold it together. My son starts 9th grade at my school this year, and I honestly cannot even think about it without getting teared up. I don’t want to embarrass him, but I know there will be many days of tearful moments. I am so proud to be his mom, and I cannot wait to see all he does in high school and to get to be there for every one of them!

Favorite Books:

You are asking this of an English teacher so . . . I guess right now I would put The Poisonwood Bible first . . . then Their Eyes Were Watching God . . . followed closely by anything Carlos Zafon has written. And I prefer real books. I love to hold them, smell them, and be able to write on the pages.

Favorite Music:

Right now, my son and I share a mutual admiration for all things Bruno Mars. We are going to see him in September . . . . that is his 15th birthday present.

Favorite Shows:

I love anything Nancy Myers has been a part of.

Interesting Note:

My husband is a flight attendant and a first generation Greek American whose first language was Greek. We try to travel anywhere we can, anytime we can. We try very hard to always immerse our kids in their father’s Greek culture and hope to make Greece a family trip soon! I also live on my family farm, and I am surrounded by my parents, brother, sister, four uncles, and their kids. It is amazing.

The Future of Learning:

I would like to see the future be that all students in NC have to take at least one online class to graduate from high school. I think that when students are given this experience, they are better prepared to be independent learners and be more successful in college. Honestly, I cannot imagine school being too drastically different . . . although it would be nice if an excellent college degree could be obtained from a multi-institutional contribution to MOOC.

Advice to Online Teachers:

My advice would be for them to take it slow….focus all their best teacher instincts into building relationships with students and crafting excellent, immediate feedback to students in their courses. Also, we Instructional Leaders are here to help!