2020-2021 Academic Year

Key Dates 2020-2021

Key Dates 2020-2021
Semester Summer 2020 Early Start Fall 2020 Standard Start Fall 2020 Early Start Spring 2021 Standard Start Spring 2021
Start Date July 7 August 12 August 17 Jan. 4 Jan. 19
Drop / Add Last Day to Add: July 13
Last Day to Drop: July 20
August 25 August 28 Jan. 15 Feb. 1
End Date August 17 Dec. 11 Jan. 8, 2021 May. 4 May 18
Final Grades Posted August 20 Dec. 17 Jan. 14, 2021 May 14 May 27

New to NCVirtual

If you’re new to NCVirtual, please visit our Getting Started for Schools page. It will explain our program and give you the necessary details to run a successful online program at your school.

Registration Details

Registration Details

Registration opens Monday, March 30, 2020.

Enroll students through the NCVPS registration system. If you need access, contact our Virtual Support Center.

If you are a new e-learning advisor and NCVPS point-of-contact for your school, please update your contact information in our registration system. Click on the “My Info” tab when you log in to update your information. Please remember that there is only one login per school. If your school already has access, you will need to share the login username and password.

If you are new to the NCVPS registration system or need a refresher, watch our NCVPS Registration Video to help guide you through our enrollment process. You can also print our Quick Registration Guide.

Note: Do you need a yearlong or Early Start section that we don’t currently offer? Submit a request through our Virtual Support Center. We’ll see if we can make that happen.

Home and Private School Parents

If you are a home school or private school, visit our Home & Private Schools page.

Waitlist and Course Capacity List

NCVirtual is not a software program. Our online courses are teacher-led, and we are mindful of their class sizes. If your student is waitlisted for a course, that waitlist is usually temporary. Our instructional directors use the waitlist to determine if they should open a new section or increase the size of a current section. However, each semester, we have a few courses that reach their maximum enrollment capacity. To see courses that have capacity issues, visit our Course Capacity List.

Enrolling into OCS Courses

See our new OCS Program page before enrolling into NCVPS courses. We have streamlined the process. Watch our OCS Registration Video to help with the OCS registration process.

Enrolling into Intervention Co-Teaching Courses

We have a new Intervention Co-Teaching Program page that gives details on the program and enrollment process. Watch our Intervention Co-Teaching Video to see the enrollment process.

Enrolling into Health and PE Courses

If you’re registering for our Health and PE courses, you’ll see the pop-up reminding you about permission forms for those two courses. These forms are for your records that you will keep at your school.  You can create your own forms or use ours. See our Health and PE page for details.

Early Start Students in Traditional Calendar Courses

It’s absolutely fine to register early start students into our traditional calendar courses. Contact the NCVPS teachers right away and let them know when your students need to finish the course. NCVPS teachers will adjust the pacing guide for your students, but our teachers need to be aware of this early in the semester. They can’t make that adjust late in the semester.


View our full 2020-2021 Calendar.

Catalog Updates

Our 2020-2021 Course Catalog is posted online. We have a few courses that are undergoing revisions, and they will not be offered next year.

Course Updates and Alerts

See our Course Updates and Alerts page for details on new courses added to the catalog and important alerts about other courses.

SAR Data

Schools will access NCVPS SAR data from either an enrollment report or grade report. See our PowerSchool and NCVPS Registration guide for details. Please do not request data directly from teachers. Thank you!

Class Details

Student Course Access

Students will have access to their courses at 7 a.m. on the first day of classes. Before classes begin, students can go through our NCVirtual Demo Course for an orientation. We also have Pre-Instruction Resources for each class. These resources help students get a better understanding of courses before classes begin.

Getting Started

Direct students to our Getting Started as an NCVPS Student page before classes begin. This page will help students get oriented and answer all their questions on how our courses work.


The NCVPS Cafe is free webinar series open to everyone. Topics include world languages, future careers, college, and STEM. See our NCVPS Cafe page for details.

Support Features

Weeks 1 and 2 – Access Check and Enrollment Options

Visit our Access Check and Enrollment Options page for essential details to ensure your students have a successful start.

Semester Success with NCVPS

See our Semester Success with NCVPS page for some sure steps to help you and your students in their NCVPS classes.

Printable Guides and Checklists

We have a number of printable guides for ELAs, students, and parents.

Canvas Parent App

Parents, facilitators, and mentors and track their student’s progress with the Canvas Parent App. See the full details on our Canvas Parent App and Web Portal page.


Download our NCVPS app to receive notifications on your smartphone. Search for “NCVPS” in the Apple and Android stores. See our App Announcement for details.