NCVPS is Hiring: Instructional Designer and Instructional Director Positions Open

The North Carolina Virtual Public School is pleased to announce that it has two job openings.

Instructional Designer: The Instructional Designer is responsible for creating engaging learning activities inside NCVPS courses through a systematic process dedicated to personalized and/or individualized student learning.  In addition, this position must create supporting learning materials such as simulations, animations, text, graphics, games, or other media.  He/she must collaborate with subject matter experts as well as other staff.   This position represents the state education agency at professional meetings, state and national conferences, and workshops related to online learning.  These and other duties as assigned are performed under the supervision of the Curriculum Director. Instructions are given at routine meetings with these supervisors and progress on assignments is discussed in weekly staff meetings and periodic work plan reviews. Follow this link to apply.

Instructional Director: The primary purpose of this position is to introduce and support best practice strategies and creative solutions for the teaching of academic content and 21st-century skills at the secondary level in North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) online courses. This position assists the Chief Academic Officer in coaching and supervision of online instructors to attain NCVPS goals by providing support to instructors in personal and professional growth activities and assists the Chief Academic Officer in providing direction in innovative, 21st century skills, student-centered, instructional and curriculum delivery; provides instructional leadership and curriculum implementation in a variety of curriculum areas for NCVPS instructors and courses; provides leadership as the primary support for instructional implementation at NCVPS; and exhibits leadership skills in facilitating the improvement of instruction for all learners. Follow this link to apply.