NCVPS and the Hour of Code

Hour of code

NCVPS is participating in the Hour of Code this week, and we want YOU to be a part of the Hour of Code!

Have you ever considered yourself to be a computer programmer? Well, this week we’ll all be computer programmers…for at least one hour!  I’ll even be participating as your teacher. Think programming is too hard?  Too intimidating?  Too boring?  Well, let us change your mind.

What does this mean for you?  

You’ll get the chance to learn all about coding and earn some extra credit by being a computer programmer for just ONE HOUR this week. And, who knows? Maybe you’ll decide you want to be a computer programmer afterwards!

Here is what you need to do:

Complete the following activities this week. You can pair up with another student or you can or do one of the Hour of Code activities on your own.  

  1. Choose a programming assignment below based on your interests.  All tutorials are designed for programmers of all ages and ability levels.  Watch the video on each page and continue with the coding project, as directed. You have to choose at least one in order to participate in the Hour of Code, feel free to try out more than one:
    • Minecraft – Program your very own version of Minecraft!
    • Star Wars – This activity will have programmer building a galaxy using JavaScript.  
    • Frozen – Use code to explore an icy wonderland with Anna and Elsa
    • Angry Birds – This activity stars Mark Zuckerberg and will have you programming an Angry Birds game.  
    • Flappy Birds – Love the Flappy Birds game? Then this is for you!
    • Artist – Calling all artists! Draw cool pictures and designs with Code Art
  1.  Complete the tutorial or work on it for at least an hour.  Once you have finished, type answers to the following questions:
  1. Which programming tutorial(s) did you select?
  2. Did you enjoy this programming experience?  Why or why not?  (Be honest!)
  3. How many levels of the tutorial did you complete?  Which components did you struggle with?
  4. Why do you think programming is important?
  1.  Once you have answered the questions, submit them via a message in your course to your teacher for some extra credit!*

Send us your selfies!

We want to see all the great things you are doing! As you complete the hour of code activities, please take selfies and share them with NCVPS. Use the hashtag #NCVPSHoC or mention us at @ncvps.