NCVPS Teacher Tips: Zeros. No Need for That!


NCVPS teachers have a lot of great tips to share with online students and the support crews who facilitate their learning. “They know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two.”

Zeros. No Need for That!

Guide your students on the path that helps them become lifelong learners who are responsible for their education. Part of being a good student is learning how to monitor and assess your own performance. This is easy to do with online gradebooks. NCVPS students should check their Canvas gradebooks each day. It should become part of their daily routine. It might be painful for some. They might see something they don’t want to see, but this is the only way to fix the problem.

Have students scan for zeros in their gradebook. If they find any, have them contact their teachers right away. See if they can make up the assignment, or if they turned it in, see what the problem was. Don’t let a problem linger until it’s too late to fix. NCVPS teachers are flexible and eager to help students master their assignment.

NCVPS students should never have a question about where they are in the course, what their grades are, what’s due, and what’s coming up. This type of responsibility is not innate in most students. High achieving students catch on to this quickly. Lower-achieving students often do not. Guide these struggling students on a pathway of responsibility and self-assessment. If will be a lifelong benefit.