NCVPS Teacher Tips: Peer Tutors Are Here to Help

NCVPS teachers have a lot of great tips to share with online students and the support crews who facilitate their learning. “They know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two.”

Peer Tutors Are Here to Help

NCVPS has a nationally recognized peer tutoring program. Our student tutors a have strong working knowledge of the courses in which they tutor and a recommendation from an NCVPS teacher.

Peer Tutors can help your students better understand their course structure and course content. They are only an appointment away in our Upswing! platform, which can be accessed from any course. Have students look for the Peer Tutoring button in their courses:

Peer Tutoring Course Link Image

Once students make contact with a Peer Tutor, they may want to schedule a regular tutoring time so that they can stay on top of their course. Our Peer Tutors are available for Quick Questions and one-on-one sessions.

Learn more at our Peer Tutoring Center webpage.