Meet NCVPS Super Student Ryan T

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Meet Ryan

Ryan T Super Student

Ryan T.
NCVPS Super Student

“I absolutely love my experience with the NCVPS program I was very happy to find out that I could take Photography online through NCVPS because it’s not offered at my school. NCVPS is very easy to understand and organized. It made the class very successful. With taking online photography my skills in art have increased tremendously I am able to create interesting photos that draw the eyes of the viewer in using elements and principles of art.” –Ryan T.

“Ryan Trout is a great example of that student who goes the extra mile to understand what he is learning. He worked incredibly hard this semester in his digital photography course. He developed great critical thinking and writing skills in analyzing his own and other’s work. His peers benefitted much from the critiques and suggestions for improvement that he made, all the while using positive tone and great netiquette. Ryan was not always confident that he was on the right track but worked hard to get there, he finished strong with a super portfolio of work with accompanying artist statement.” Beth Wolz, NCVPS Digital Photography Instructor


Advice for Online Students

My advice for other online students is to stay ahead of all your work by logging in everyday and getting all your scheduled work done. I also think students should communicate with their teachers. I think that communicating with your teacher is very important for you to be successful.

The Internet

My favorite site and the site I spend most of my time is YouTube. YouTube is one of my favorites because there is so much to see and learn. If I don’t understand something from school, you can go on there and see it explained in a different way. I also really enjoy that you can see people’s lives and see what they do daily. I look at a lot of young students who are in the Disney College Program and love getting to see what they do and seeing how much they enjoy it because that’s something that I’m very interested in and one day. I hope to work at Walt Disney World as an Imagineer.

Gadgets and Things

My two favorite pieces of technology are my IPhone and my Nikon D3400 camera. My IPhone is one of my favorites because that a way that I can communicate with all my friends and see what they are doing. My new camera is one of my favorite pieces of technology because I am able to capture insane amounts of texture and detail that I wasn’t able to do for the majority of class.

The Future Ryan

So in 10 years I want to be working in Walt Disney World as an Imagineer. After I graduate, I am planning on getting my degree in Interior Design and then getting my Master’s in Themed Design at SCAD. This has been a dream since I was a young child, and I want to use my artistic abilities for something that I have such a great passion for.

Ryan’s Goals

In my photography class, I wanted to achieve and show the beauty in everything, so I chose simple objects to photograph to show that all things have beauty, you just need to look a little deeper. I find this very relevant in school and in life. Too often we judge a book by its cover and that is wrong because everything is great, so by showing that everything is beautiful and amazing I was hoping people could see everything and everyone as amazing things,

The Swimmer

I am a competitive swimmer for the Waves of Wilmington, and I have been swimmer there for over 8 years. I think being a competitive swimmer that has taught me a lot about time management and life skills which was helpful when it came to my NCVPS class.

Favorite Book

My favorite book would have to be the Great Gatsby. I really enjoyed the plot of the story especially how Fitzgerald puts a romance in the story but with drama. Even though I loved this online class, I do enjoy having the printed book more than the ebooks.

Favorite Song

My favorite song would have to be Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus this song has been around forever, and it’s very iconic for kids my age.

Favorite TV Show

My favorite TV show would have to be Shark Tank. I find this show very entertaining, and I like to see what inventions the contestant have for the Sharks. My favorite movie is The Heat because this movie is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are great together, and they made that movie great.

Ryan’s Background

I have lived in Wilmington, NC, my whole life. My family consists of my mom, dad and younger sister Megan. My family likes to travel. We travel around NC and the Virginia area for sports, but my all time favorite place to visit is Disney World. This past summer, my family and I went on a vacation of a lifetime – The Disney Cruise. We loved the ship, the meals, the ports and the entertainment on the ship. My dream is to visit Disney Paris!

Ryan’s Work

Check out Ryan’s photography at his website here.