NCVPS Super Student Awards

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.

Meet our Super Students and click on their names to see their bios. The gallery is growing. Check back regularly to meet our newest award winners!


Kiana V.

Matthew J.

Isabell N.


Simeon H.

Simeon H

Emily D.


Kelsey Q.

Kelsey Super Student

Evan M.

Evan M picture

Ryan T. 

Ryan T Super Student

Cyvanah B.

NCVPS Super Student Cyvanah B

Aneesha T.

Aneesha T

Noah M.

 Stephen C.

Kelsie L.


 Nicholas H.

 KaLa K.

KaLa K

Abigail W.

NCVPS Super Student Abigail W.

Heather M.

Heather M

Olivia H.

Olivia H.


Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth M

Samantha G.

Nikiel L.

Vicky L.

Pic of Vicky L.

Brody F.

Erin B. H.

 Hassan A.


Katie C.

Katie C.

Sara B.

Sara B.

Ashleigh L.

Ashleigh L

Julian F.

Julian F.

Darci J.

Darci J Original Artwork

Larissa D.

Larissa D

Hanan A.

Hanan A.

Rebecca B.

Sarah S. 

Sarah S

Ruiko J.

Ruiko J.

Marco A.

Marco A

 Stephanie C.

Stephanie C

Mikayla S.

Mikayla S

Peyton S.

 Alyssa M.

Alyssa M

Gillian T.

Alejandro F. 

Alejandro F

 Julia W.

Julia W.

Jade L. NCVPS Super Student Jaden L.

Louise B. Louise B

Taylor L.Taylor L picture

Jay G.

Jay G.

Bethany S.

basketball player

Anna P.

NCVPS Super Student Anna P.

Sarai B.

Sarai B.

Gracie B.

Molly R.Molly R

Josue programming

Smit DoshiSmit Doshi

Austin B.

Corie J. Corie J

Craig S.Picture of Craig S.


Robert A.

Robert A.

Luke H. 

Luke H

Megan B. 

Megan B

Jada J. 

Taylor L. 

Menna J. 

Menna J

Aundrea R.

Aundrea R.

Kathy H.

Christopher A.

Phifer G.

Phifer G

Ellen S.

Ellen S Super Student

Zoe B.

Zoe B. Super Student

Addison R.


Aisha M.

Aisha M

Austin S.

Super Student Austin S.

Hannah D.

Hannah D

Aditya B.