Teacher Appreciation Week: Your BEES Thank You!

teacher appreciation weekTeachers, we are thankful for you.

You redefine and transcend expectations and views of online learning each semester.

How do you do this? In our celebration of YOU this week, let’s talk about one way that you make learning real for your students.

In 1998, I heard about this idea of online learning for high school students for the first time. I was an incredulous, vocal skeptic. Without experiencing teaching online, I just knew that students could not learn this way. It just wasn’t possible.

In 2000, I went through the school’s online teacher training and begin teaching online. I quickly saw how wrong I was about online teaching and learning. What I learned about online teaching was the same as what I learned after 15 years teaching high school English f2f – our students respond to us as teachers just like bees.


Yes, bees. Ben Guarino writes in his article detailing how bees learn much as we do, that bees, just like us and our students, have the capability to learn. We all do. The ability to learn doesn’t make us special, says a scientist, but whether we learn does not depend on ability. NOT learning is tied to “lack of opportunity and adequate challenges.”

That’s what makes YOU special as NCVPS teachers. NCVPS provides the opportunity for students to learn in a different way and our teachers work to make that opportunity achievable and to present students with challenges that promote student learning.

Your BEES thank you!

Michelle Lourcey
Chief Academic Officer
North Carolina Virtual Public School