Meet NCVPS Super Student Samantha G.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Meet Samantha

NCVPS Super Student Samantha G.

“I plan to be a physician assistant and go to Third World countries to help poor communities.” –Samantha G.

“This young lady has already completed the course! She always completed second attempts on her writing assignments to improve her fluency. She is traveling to Spain this summer, so she was very diligent about trying to become fluent. She also plans to continue taking additional Spanish courses with NCVPS.” –Allison Hamlett, NCVPS Spanish 2 teacher

NCVPS Experience

I really liked taking an NCVPS course. It showed me many new web tools and how to use them.

Advice for Online Students

Never fall behind. It is easier to keep up than catch up.

The Internet

I like Instagram because I can keep up with friends that live far away.

Gadgets and Things

My computer is my favorite because I do everything on it.

Samantha’s Goals

The goal I had for this semester is ending with all A’s.

Something Random

I love to play soccer.

Favorite Book

My favorite book is Everything Everything. I like paper books, but I do not mind reading on ebooks.

Favorite Musician

My favorite musician is Train.

Favorite TV Shows

My favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy and my favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Interesting Note

I have been to Australia.

Samantha’s Work