Meet NCVPS Super Student Nikiel L.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Meet Nikiel

“I’d like to become an astronaut! NASA sparks my interests and motivates me to do well in school. I’d like to go on the first module to Mars in 2030! Space is so beautiful and intriguing. There is so much to be explored!” –Nikiel L.

“Nikiel always completes her work with phenomenal quality. She participates in the cultural discussions in a way where she shares what she learned from her own research. Not only does she reply to others in a very supportive and encouraging way but also provides clarification and answers to other student questions. Nikiel is a fantastic online language student. She checks with her teacher daily via text messaging making sure she understands and does her work in the best way. Since we are learning a foreign language online, and a difficult one – Russian, Nikiel attends all her conversation sessions and uses all opportunities to practice what she has learned. She also makes attempts texting with her teacher back and forth in Russian! And she is not afraid to initiate it! I am very proud to have her in my class this semester.” –Kateryna Decker, NCVPS Russian Teacher

NCVPS Experience

NCVPS was a less stressful way of completing my classes and a fun way. It gave me a lot less stress in school and actually made me excited to take a class!

Advice to Online Students

Don’t give up! And talk to your teacher if you have an issue because they can usually provide extra help and sometimes extra credit. Make sure to get all of your work done on time and try your hardest!

The Internet

Youtube! I have a love for listening to music and seeing creative animations. I actually animate and draw each individual video frame by hand because I don’t have the equipment to create it virtually. Youtube has a lot of tips on how I can get better at drawing!

Favorite Gadgets

Headphones! It’s a little odd, yes, but it makes it a lot easier to listen to music and it makes a world of difference!

Nikiel’s Goals

My goal was to get All A’s and pass my Finals with an A!

Something Random

I have 783 OC’s! (Meaning ‘Own Characters’ or created characters)

Favorite Books

I prefer non-ebooks, my favorite being “Peaks and Valleys”!

Favorite Music


Favorite Movie

I’d say my favorite movie would be Children Who Chase Lost Voices. It’s very well animated and has a wonderful plot!

Interesting Note

I’ve traveled to Europe, Australia and Canada. I hope to travel to Japan one day ^^ I can speak Russian, Japanese, Spanish and some Korean!

Letter to all Students

School is tough sometimes but don’t give up!!! You are smart, talented and amazing! You will all do great things one day. Set your goals high and you can achieve anything deemed impossible!! But most importantly, believe in yourself!