Meet NCVPS Super Student Vicky L.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Pic of Vicky L.Meet Vicky

“My definite goal is to major in some sort of art degree, but I am still not sure exactly what kind of art I want to major in or what kind of art job I want to do. I really like drawing people and cartoons, so I thought animation would be pretty cool. One of my dreams is to become an animator and work for a big animation company.” –Vickey L. 

“Vicky is so enthusiastic about Art I, and it shows in all aspects of her participation in this course. Of course, she puts a lot of effort and creativity into her artwork. Vicky also loves to discuss her work and the great art of her classmates. Most of all, I have enjoyed Vicky’s sense of humor and easy interactions. She always attends our Live Class with a lot of interesting ideas to contribute.” –Helen Nagan, NCVPS Visual Arts Teacher

NCVPS Experience

Since I attend an early college high school, the school doesn’t offer any extracurricular classes such as art. I love my school, but I’m also am very passionate about art. I also wanted to get a more formal education on art because I have never taken a formal art class before except in elementary school. Since I want to get a college degree in art, I thought it would be useful to take a few art classes. When I first started the Visual Art I class, I wasn’t sure if I would learn anything useful. However, Ms. Nagan was a very helpful teacher because she always checked on me if I had any problems with my work and she always posted or talked about different types of art and artists that I’ve never heard of. It was also fun to learn about the different types of art–one of my favorites is tessellation– and getting to try them out. I think this class has really helped me broaden my knowledge of art and what types of art I really favor.

Advice to Online Students

The classwork isn’t complicated at all, but sometimes if students get confused with Ms. Nagan’s instructions for the assignment, students should ask her to clear it up for them whether it’s through texting, email, or calling. The teacher will reply, so students should never hesitate to ask for help. Another advice students should follow is to have good time management. It’s great if students finish all their work in one day, but to me, students should also take time to do their work–especially if it’s art work because it will be enjoyable and students will learn a lot from the experience. It’s also important to have good time management if you’re a busy student with lots of outside work to do like me. I promise that students can finish all their work on time if they do at least some each day. It shouldn’t take more than 30 to 60 minutes to complete it. As I’ve said before, just talk to the teacher and sort it out with them. If the student is considering taking this class when they are already overloaded with work, then they should definitely not take an online class.

The Internet

At my school, there is always homework for me to do everyday especially when I started college classes. That’s why I spend a lot of time on my college website,, and on Moodle, where I find most of my college work. However, if you’re talking about my favorite websites, I’d have to say either Crunchyroll or a manga website because I am a big fan of Japanese animation and comics. I know a lot of people who disapprove of them, but I really enjoy it because of its artwork and style. Like some kid’s cartoon or movie such as Disney movies, I learn important life lessons from Japanese animation and comics too. They are also one of the reasons why I want to get a career in art. However, I don’t really spend a lot of time on these websites, since I don’t really spend a lot of time on my computer to enjoy myself because my mom bought my computer for me and she only likes seeing me use my computer to do school work. Besides, I rather spend time drawing.

Favorite Gadgets

I have two favorite gadgets, and they are my iPhone 7plus and my Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. My phone is very useful because I can access a lot of things on it such as a GPS and emails. I also use it for both my school work and for enjoying my free time. My drawing tablet is important to me because I get to draw on it and create cool graphic art. I don’t use it often because I usually have school work or I would prefer doing traditional art. However, I really like it because I like to try out new things, especially if it deals with art.

Vicky’s Goals

One of my goals was to host an art gallery with a few other classmates at school this year. Unfortunately, due to the hurricane, we had to put that event off till next year. However, I do have a close friend who is part of our school’s Student Government Association, and she says she would be really excited to help me next year.

Something Random

I love to eat sushi, and I really enjoy Japanese cuisine.

Favorite Book

I definitely prefer printed books, and my favorite set of books is the Hunger Games trilogy. One of the reasons why I really like this books is it is set in a different world.

Music Interests

I really like to listen to Chinese music because I always associate it with the music my parents and I listen to on the Chinese New Year TV show that people in China host every year. The type of Chinese music I prefer the most is the old type of music that my parents listen to. My brother and friends think it’s weird, but I think it’s really soothing and fun to listen to.

Favorite Movies

I don’t watch TV a lot, so I do not have a favorite TV show, but I really enjoy watching PG movies that come from companies such as Pixar, Disney, or Dreamworks.

Interesting Notes

I absolutely love watching old Chinese comedy acts. I watch them on TV sometimes with my parents, and I think one reason why I enjoy them is because they remind me of the times I spend with my parents. I value my family a lot, and I enjoy doing activities or travel with them. One of the most memorable trips with my family was to Disney World in Florida. It was also the summer that my youngest brother was brought from China for the first time. (You see, every time a kid is born in my family or in my uncle’s family, they are sent to China to be taken care of by my grandparents for four to five years till the kid can attend kindergarten because my family owns businesses and they are very busy all the time).

Vicky’s Work

See an art sample here.