Meet NCVPS Super Student Brody F.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


NCVPS Super Student Brody F.

Meet Brody

“Next year I will be attending North Carolina State University to major in Biomedical Engineering. I might be majoring in engineering, but who said your degree determines what you want to be one day? I actually plan on going into medicine to become a physician, not an engineer. You might ask why not major in human biology . . . . I love math too much to ever have to leave it. Finding a route for education that integrated both science and mathematics took lots of research, but that is why I chose NC State as my future. I’ve been a UNC TarHeel fan my entire life, however, I dropped that because education is more important to me than sports, but now I’m a Wolfpack! Who knows, I might wind up attending UNC’s School of Medicine in 5 years.” –Brody F.

“Brody took Spanish 2 online with NCVPS and 4 AP classes as well. He always submitted his work on time, communicated every week with me, and always submitted completed assignments. On assignments where he could redo them for a higher grade, he always did. Brody is the student that wants to learn from his mistakes and improve. Each week I am impressed with his submissions and communication.” –Danielle Richardson, NCVPS Spanish 2 Teacher

NCVPS Experience

I first took Spanish I through NCVPS because I was forced to, thinking that I would hate it. Turns out, I found myself persuading my guidance counselor to let me take Spanish II online and not in the class at my high school. My interest and understanding of Español and the culture of Spain and Costa Rica have increased at immeasurable bounds, all a result of NCVPS. My instructors, for Spanish I and Spanish II, both showed immense amounts of hard work and interest in not only their job, but their students’ education inside and outside of the virtual classroom. Having been in two online classes, I can say that I have most definitely learned a lot about how to work with a multitude of operating systems and virtual interfaces. I know that having obtained these abilities in high school will soon pay off when I must use them in college without much instruction.

Advice for Online Students

My advice to students that are currently in an online class through NCVPS: stay ahead and do not procrastinate. Procrastination is the enemy of development and learning, and it has never helped anyone in life. As a currently developing student, I encourage each and every one of you to work ahead of the game and ask questions. I cannot lie, there are some dumb questions, but if you do not ask, you may never know.

My advice to students that have not taken or are planning to take an online class through NCVPS: taking an online class is challenging, no doubt, but it is at the least, rewarding. I encourage you to take an online class in order to gain another perspective, a new dimension to learning. Do not allow other student’s perspective of online classes interfere with your want to challenge yourself. Go beyond the curriculum and ask plenty of questions.

The Internet

My favorite internet site is Youtube, Pandora, and Netflix. When I find time in my busy schedule, I relax by watching Grey’s Anatomy or Criminal Minds. I also enjoy listening to music or watching videos on Youtube and Pandora during my free time.

Gadgets and Things

My favorite technological gadget has to be my MacBook: I couldn’t I’ve without it! I depend on my MacBook for so much, and it is so handy, especially while in an online class. Being able to work on assignments at home after the school day has catalyzed my ability to go above and beyond expectations set by NCVPS.

Brody’s Goals

My goal this past semester was quite different than any I have ever set. This semester I wanted to learn a new sport, that new sport was swimming. I learned many new techniques as well as learned proper ways in which to swim and how to be competitive all while doing so. It was very physically demanding, but I enjoyed it and will miss it very much: accomplished. Another personal/school goal I had this semester was to stay in the top of my graduating class and to stay focused: I have not had “senioritis,” as some may call it. I accomplished that too!

Something Random

An odd fact about myself is that I enjoy watching surgeries on Youtube. My interest in surgery and the human body has been greatly accelerated due to taking AP Biology, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and by watching surgeries on Youtube!

Favorite Book

I prefer printed books because I am an extremely kinesthetic learner. My favorite book is by far Night by Elie Wiesel.

Favorite Music

I listen to literally about every genre of music, but my favorite genre is rap/hip-hop. I do not have a favorite song or a favorite musician.

Favorite TV Show

My favorite TV show is Criminal Minds. I really enjoying challenging myself and Criminal Minds has never failed at doing so.

Interesting Note

Throughout my high school career, I have worked at Chick-fil-A, volunteered at Randolph Health (previously Randolph Hospital), have attended many summer camps, and have also traveled to many states. Chick-fil-A has become a second family for me, I couldn’t live without my other co-workers and team members. Volunteering at Randolph Health is something I do because I want to, not have to. I fell in love with volunteering and interacting with patients my first year of volunteering: proving my maturity to my supervising. Due to my maturity level, I have been able to job shadow many physicians and physician assistants in many locations of the hospital, even the operating room! I attended World Changers for 3 years with my church, and this past year I attended NC State University’s & UNC-Chapel Hill’s summer engineering camp. Traveling and learning more about the place where I live is something I really love doing. Last year I traveled to New York and Florida. This year I plan on traveling to Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania to visit the Amish country!

Brody’s Work