Meet NCVPS Super Student Erin B.H.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


NCVPS Super Student Erin B.H.

Meet Erin

“So far, I have taken three online classes with NCVPS, all of which were in Spanish. In 8th grade, I was trying to evade taking gym for a semester, and fortunately, my counselor presented me with the option of taking an online class. I was able to complete two Spanish courses before starting high school, which put me ahead of the game. None of the middle schools in my county offered face to face Spanish classes at the time, so NCVPS helped broaden my class options. This semester I am currently taking Spanish III Honors online, and once again, NCVPS expanded my educational opportunities. I am able to take other required high school classes, in addition to my Spanish class.” –Erin

“At the time she started with us, Erin was transitioning from a very small, intimate high school setting to a large urban one in Durham. She handled a very stressful and uncertain time with pure grace and poise. Academically, she is a very talented and curious student of Spanish language and culture. Her unit projects are incredibly creative as well as substantive and reflect a depth of knowledge not common for her age and level of study. She has impressed me so much that I nominated her for the Peer Tutoring Center, and she has been selected (she accepted this opportunity and will be tutoring with PTC not only in my subject areas but others as well). She is a risk taker academically, a super mature but still enthusiastic young lady, and by far one of the top five students I have had the pleasure to work and study alongside in my four years of experience with NCVPS.” –Jeanne Pastorius, NCVPS Spanish 3 Teacher

Advice to Online Students

My advice to other students is to not underestimate the online learning environment. It sounds cliché, but it is true: classes online offer much flexibility, but there is also a greater risk for distraction. On multiple occasions, I have found myself rerouted by a more leisurely activity when I intend to get classwork done. It is extremely important to stay focused and not get distracted by the technology, even though it might be tempting.

The Internet

I spend most of my online time watching YouTube because it is a platform for diverse types of content that are easily accessible in one place. YouTube can distract me for hours if I choose. I also spend a lot of time finding dumb internet comics that provide a little bit of a light distraction among the heavy stressors of school.

Gadgets and Things

My favorite technology is the Mac computer because it can be used for a variety of purposes and is highly functional! It is fast, and compatible with most of the programs that I use, which means it is one less thing I have to struggle with.

Future Plans

My immediate goals are to graduate high school, but eventually I hope to earn a B.A., M.A., and Law Degree. I aspire to be an activist or lawyer because I am passionate about fighting for equal rights on all front, that means women’s rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and immigrant rights.

Erin’s Goals

Seeing as it had been two years since I have taken a Spanish class, my goal was to at the very least pass the Spanish III course I am currently taking. So far, I have more than surpassed my goal, but I shouldn’t speak too soon because my final project has yet to be graded.

Something Random

I am a proud Nerdfighter.

Favorite Books

For anyone who loves books as much as I do, this is an impossible question. There are just too many books to love! Right now my favorite book is the Double Helix by James Watson. The book details the events and people that contributed to the discovery of the DNA helix. I enjoyed it due to the scientific perspective that Watson wrote through and the personal accounts he was able to give in the story.

Favorite Music

My favorite song currently is Chandelier by Sia, even though it is somewhat of an old song as far as pop music goes.

Favorite TV Show

My favorite TV show is hands down the West Wing, which was directed by Aaron Sorkin. The show originally aired in the late 90s to early 00s. It is a political drama that focuses on the senior staff of a presidential administration. Being a politics junkie, I adore the show’s complexity and intellect. I admit that sometimes it is difficult to follow, but it is nevertheless interesting.

Interesting Note

I am an avid fan of all things jokes and puns, especially those that are science-y or political (What did a sister cell say to another cell? Mi-toe-sis!) I also love to eat chocolate, pet cats, read books, and watch YouTube.