Meet NCVPS Super Student Darci J.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Darci J Original Artwork

Original Artwork from Darci J.

Meet Darci

“My future plans are to go to North Carolina State University and major in animal science and then go to into a veterinary medicine graduate program.” –Darci J.

“Darci has impressed me with her ability to communicate in Spanish, consistently seeking out constructive feedback so she can improve her fluency in Spanish in all areas: speaking, writing, reading and listening. Throughout our Spanish 3 class she has continuously given her best, always going above and beyond what is required of her. She is a wonderful student!” –Beverly Aguirre, NCVPS Spanish 3 Honors Teacher

NCVPS Experience

My experience with NCVPS was amazing. It was easy to navigate and the teachers are super friendly. I had plenty of resources to help with my class, and I could work at my own pace. Through NCVPS my education has advanced by allowing me to take a foreign language class that was not available to me.

Advice to Online Students

My advice to other online students is to get work done either on time or before it’s due. That helps tremendously with the class pacing, and then you won’t have to feel behind on anything.

The Internet

One of my favorite internet sites has got to be YouTube. I like to watch and listen to music on there. With all the content it has, I am never lacking a song to sing to or music to help me relax.

Gadgets and Things

My most favorite tech gadgets are my iPhone and my 3DS. I spend plenty of time on social media chatting away with my friends. My DS is one of my faves because I can play my Pokemon games on it.

Darci’s Goals

My goal this semester was to get a job. Since I’m going to college next year, I need all the money I can get to help out with expenses. I did get a job finally! I work at a dog shelter and boarding kennel.

Random Note

One random thing about me is that once, when I was little, I ran into a doorway and knocked my two front teeth backwards.

Favorite Book

I don’t have a singular favorite book but I love the book Eon and it’s sequel Eona. I definitely prefer printed books. I like the smell of old pages and having it in my hands wherever I go.

Favorite Song

My song is Anger Management by Lecrae. It’s a rap song about how to deal with anger in good ways rather than breaking things.

Favorite TV Show or Movie

My favorite show is called Red vs. Blue. It doesn’t air on the TV, but it is on Netflix. It’s a 14 – now 15 – season series. It’s really funny and action packed.

Interesting Details

Some other things about me are that I write creatively and draw as a pastime (the photo I sent is actually one of my original characters), I love to travel, I have two dogs named Radar and Violet, I like playing video games (Pokemon is my favorite), and my best friend is my sister.