Meet NCVPS Super Student Rebecca B.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


NCVPS Super Student Becca B.

Meet Becca

“My plan for the future is to attend a four-year university and eventually earn my doctorate in mathematics. I then aspire to be a math professor at a university. While doing so, I will also take over my self-sustaining family business. However, my plans are not always God’s plans, and I am willing to follow where he leads.” –Rebecca B.

“Becca goes above and beyond in class. She attended or watched every AP review session we held and is not afraid to advocate for herself. She’s a wonderful student!” –Sarah Dragoon, NCVPS AP Calculus BC Instructor

NCVPS Experience

As I am enrolled in yearlong AP NCVPS courses as well as the semester-long course in which I was nominated, AP Calculus BC, I was well familiarized with NCVPS at the start of the course. This made for an extremely smooth transition from my classroom AP Calculus AB into my virtual AP Calculus BC. While my time spent learning calculus in the classroom was undoubtedly valuable, taking it online was also a significant contribution to my education. Not only did my online courses, including AP Calculus BC, test my productivity, they also created a greater individualistic motivation in me. Independent study skills are vital to success in and beyond education, and I believe I obtained these skills through my experiences taking NCVPS classes.

Advice to Online Student

To other online students: Taking online classes is a phenomenal privilege, and, like most privileges, it comes with responsibilities. You will not always have a teacher letting you know you missed homework or forgot to make up a test. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial that you find motivation within yourself, as you will not have the plethora of persons to rely on as you would in a normal classroom setting: you must rely on yourself. The calendar feature on NCVPS was probably the feature I accessed most, and it will do you well to follow suit. By prioritizing and completing assignments on time and early, you’ll find yourself doing a more thorough job and getting more out of the assignments. Additionally, I completed one of my courses almost two months early and was able to utilize my excess time to prepare for the AP exam, which also paid off.

The Internet

Given that little of my free time is spent online, I would have to say my favorite Internet sites are those that include vacation planning, particularly Disney. As we are members of the Disney Vacation Club, I frequent their planning website and plan trips with my parents. On another note, most of my time online is spent on NCVPS completing work or taking notes. Between NCVPS and Disney’s website, I specifically like the ease of navigation and the multitude of pictures the sites provide (hotels, restaurants, and parks on Disney, images on assignments and helpful icons on NCVPS).

Gadgets and Things

My favorite technological gadgets include laptop computers, iPhones, and Bluetooth speakers. I utilize these all in different aspects of my life: academic endeavors, social media, and personal use.

Becca’s Goals

The goal I had this semester was to complete the four AP classes and one college class in which I was enrolled with a 97% or higher (this is the lowest I have ever received in high school) and, more importantly, to have a deep comprehension of the topics in those subjects. I also aimed at successfully completing a project I am working on to more closely acquaint my community with my church and with the love of God.

Interesting Note

I will be attending Governor’s School East this summer in the area of math. This is an academically rigorous five and a half week summer program for rising seniors. I am excited about this, as it will culminate the continuation of my mathematical studies while furthering my interaction with like-minded individuals.

Favorite Book

My favorite book is the Bible. I have a reading plan that I utilize nightly which stimulates my relationship with our Father. In reading the Bible along with other books, the printed versions are my preference. This is because of the large amount of my time dedicated to online class work and my tendency to have headaches, causing me to escape further use of screens when I can. Additionally, printed books allow greater ease in note-taking than do ebooks.

Favorite Music

My favorite song is Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. Seeing him perform this song in concert solidified it as my favorite.

Favorite Movie or TV Show

My favorite movie is The Notebook. As you may have noticed, I absolutely adore romantic music and movies and this one, in particular, always makes me cry.

Personal Note

My passion for serving God is a recognizable aspect of my personality. Sitting on numerous church committees, attending Duke Youth Academy, and serving my church and community in various capacities have all been extremely impactful in my faith life. What I find most spectacular about God’s work in my life is that when I truly dedicated myself to him, in late middle school, my academic motivation shot up as well. It seems my motivation in evangelism was positively correlated with my motivation in my education, which I thank God for frequently.