Meet NCVPS Super Student Sarah S.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Sarah S

NCVPS Super Student Sarah S.

Meet Sarah

“My goal this semester was to get all my ducks in a row, and to be able to visualize my goals and write them down on a timeline. I hoped to get closer to God in the hopes that He would help me find where I belong in the world. I hoped to use this psychology class to better understand people and work with people without letting them upset me like they would in the past, basically become not as sensitive to how people disappointment me. I hoped to help my family through this time of crisis with my Dad severely injured and unable to work. I hoped to find financial aid for my college education. I wanted to get everything accomplished at home before I move to Raleigh for school. Fortunately, I did, in fact, meet all my goals this semester.” –Sarah

“Sarah puts so much thought and detail into her work. She truly puts a great deal of effort into it. Though her work and our contact, I have gotten to know Sarah. Sarah’s family owns and operates a working farm where Sarah spends a great deal of her time helping maintain it especially the past month or two when her dad had a farming accident. She is also an officer in FFA and travels frequently to speak and train others. She has just started her own charity called Serenity where she collects hygiene products for the needy. She is looking for volunteers to keep it going as she begins NCSU in the fall.” –Sandra Clatanoff, NCVPS Psychology Honors Instructor

NCVPS Experience

NCVPS is a great classroom experience. I definitely would not give up a normal classroom instruction for subjects like math and science, simply because online is better for a class that relies heavily on reading rather than one-on-one instruction. This program is convenient for the “new student” who has a diverse schedule. Diversity is a huge deal in the U.S., so I believe NCVPS is a step in the right direction to meet the needs of the diverse student. Specifically for me, there have been times where I considered all online courses due to my responsibilities on the farm, my busy national and international travel schedule, and in my career preparatory jobs. However, I do value traditional teachings. Furthermore, NCVPS gives me access to classes my school does not offer. This enables me to be more competitive while applying for college. My personal experience has been with Psychology. It has been a very uplifting and educational experience. Of course, a lot of the experience has to do with the amazingly compassionate and hard-working woman I had as a teacher. She honestly cared about my success, and that is rare to find unfortunately in a lot of teachers today. Psychology was a class extremely important to me because I needed that background for my agriculture representative job. Talking and working with people is often easier if you know a little about the human mind and its emotions first. The class while challenging was not overly stressful due to the support of my teacher.  It was also fun and interesting to actually learn the material!

Advice to Online Students

Think it through. What is your schedule like? How motivated are you? Are you struggling in some courses and excelling at others? What are your career goals? Is your reading comprehension where it should be? What is offered at your school? What is not offered? Do you have a computer? Can you set deadlines? Can you trust yourself with your own education?

The Internet

I am not a great applicant to ask what my favorite site is. To be honest, I hate going online and working online. Whenever I do go online, usually everyday, I have dozens of notifications and emails usually reminding me that I have so much work to do and probably won’t get it all done. That is extremely stressful at times. Even though I am accustomed to it, I still sometimes shut my phone and computer off and avoid them for a day or two. However, when it serves a purpose and my computer is fast, I enjoy it. I appreciate technology immensely especially since I enjoy online classes. I have access to tons of informations at my fingertips, it’s amazing. Yet I find that being on sites and online is taking away from our lives rather than helping. School activities, of course, can be exempt from this opinion, but I feel people should be more concerned about relationships and people rather than a machine that conveys your messages and emotions. This is impersonal and often leads to stress and is upsetting. I believe my psychology teacher could agree that I make a valid point.

Gadgets and Things

I have a love-hate relationship with technology, but these are my go to gadgets: GPS (I would get lost in a paper bag), Android (Have to have that phone, especially video calling and a way to check the time, emails, text messages and Instagram), Ipad (Need my mini computer, lightweight and great to take notes and travel with), Bluetooth (Phone-conference or need to talk on the phone, while working on something else – a multitasker’s dream), and last but not least a laptop to do life’s jobs and help with that research paper and online class.

Future Plans

I find it more logical to explain my goals rather than a specific career. I plan to work in whatever career that seems to accomplish the goals I have to complete. These goals relate to the majors I am planning to study, Agriculture Education and International Studies. With my degree in Ag Ed and International Studies, I will have the necessary information on a broad variety of agriculture topics and international culture and trade, which will enable me to work in multiple areas of agriculture in many different parts of the world. My goals are in three major categories of education, outreach and research.


NC State University and Cornell University – both accepted.
Become first doctor in family.- Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Education and International Studies Minor in Psychology or Horticulture.
Doctorate in Law and International Rural Development.


Establish Serenity Foundation nationally to help people become self- sufficient through proper hygiene, nutrition, and education. (Focus on the Appalachian Mountains and then spread forward.)
Help people in areas like my own childhood home break the cycle of poverty.
Help communities dependent on farming be more efficient.
Maintain my relationship with God and lead a life of worthiness unto Him.
Efficiently use my education to provide agricultural and educational opportunities to all of those forgotten in areas like my own
Help communities sustain themselves.


Research solutions to land and water conservation.
Organize a system where all farmers get a promised return for their products every year.
Formulate a system that provides much-needed marketing and advocating for agriculture.
Make farming an occupation with the benefits like that of a medical doctor or lawyer would have.
Educate about sustainability and improve the environment.
Improve food production.
Finish writing and have approved the K- 5 Elementary Agriculture Education Program.

Random Note

I consider myself a vintage soul living in a modern body. I think all cows are the epitome of happiness.

Edgar Allen Poe said, “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” So I try to make it a habit to dream during the day. It helps me shake the stress of my very busy day away.

Favorite Book

I prefer printed books; however, I read e-books frequently due to convenience. I plan to strike out when I get older and have me a huge room dedicated to books (real books).

Favorite Music

I don’t really have a song. I love listening to different genres and playing classical and gospel on the piano. However, recently my favorite song that I play in my head almost every day is Lauren Daigle’s new song Trust in You. This song helps me realize that is is in God’s hands and I need to trust that everything will work out, plus it is upbeat and fun to sing!

Favorite TV Show

I don’t watch much TV so sorry if this is not a cool teenage show but I love I Love Lucy, Reba, and Designated Survivor. Movie wise . . . . Steel Magnolias and Gladiator are favs.

Interesting Details

The name of my favorite cow is Roxanne.

I live on a dairy farm and also grow various vegetables and grains. I have twin brothers, who are my favorite people besides my uncle and grandmother. I play piano and sing in the choir at my church. I was on the North Carolina National Dairy Team and competed in the World Dairy Exposition, my team placing 7th overall. (I traveled all over the country for the team.)

I am in the process of developing a curriculum for elementary schools to teach agriculture education, thus my major in Agriculture Education. I have been a chapter and regional FFA office holder, and I take my leadership responsibilities very seriously.

The one person I trust the most under God is my grandmother.

Even though roses are cliche, they are my favorite flower. I even have my own rose garden.

I helped found my schools Sportsman Club and was the president for over 3 years.

I have this terrible habit of falling in love with the hero or heroine character in my novels, and I always get a little upset at the end of the book because we must part ways.

I started an annual personal hygiene drive for the students at my school, this past year we collected over 1,690 items.

I won first place in both my Agricultural Education and Tobacco Operation Project in WNC. I also won the Naval Award in Chemistry for my science fair project on purifying ocean water to fresh water.

A dream of mine that I am working on now is founding my own nonprofit (It is NOT official yet, tons and tons more paperwork) called Serenity Foundation, “Serenity is what it implies. We promote the wellness of a community through education about proper hygiene, nutrition and lifestyle practices. We bring people together to unite around a vision to help those often forgotten.”