Meet NCVPS Super Student Jade L.

NCVPS Super Student Jaden L.

NCVPS Super Student Jade L.

Meet Jade

“My plans are to go to Harvard to study pre-law and become very successful. Once I have a good enough career and have good money, I’m going to buy an apartment in Manhattan and live out my days.” –Jaden

“Jade is fantastic! She works ahead of the class, yet still attends the live classes to shore up her knowledge. She contributes to the live classes, and she also contributes to every opportunity for communication. She never misses a Text Me Tuesday or a Fun Friday, and she was the first one to post on the extra discussion board I made about the NCVPS trip to Italy. She is a joyful presence. Her work is very good, but it is her willingness to interact, participate, and communicate that truly sets her apart from other students.” –Shara Packman, NCVPS Latin Teacher


Advice to Online Students

My advice to other online students is to communicate. There is nothing more important in an online class than communication with your teacher and your peers. Also, try not to get behind and even work ahead if you can.

The Internet

Honestly, I probably spend the most time on Twitter and Netflix. I connect with a lot of people on Twitter from different states and even countries. Some of these people I’ve met, and some I haven’t.

Gadgets and Things

My favorite devices are my iPhone and my MacBook. I spend so much time on both of these things.

Semester Goals

My goal this semester was to never have a “fake sick day” where I just didn’t want to go to school. So far so good.

Random Jaden

Something random about myself is that I go to conventions and meet the cast of Supernatural every now and then.

Favorite Books

I love books. It would be incredibly difficult to pick a favorite, but I guess my favorite book right now is called One Of Us Is Lying. I prefer printed books. Being able to hold the book and turn the pages makes me happy.

Favorite Music

My favorite song is Howling by RY X right now. But it fluctuates.

Favorite TV Show

My favorite tv show is Supernatural, all the way.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been to Hawaii and New York City and out of the two, I liked New York more. I know, crazy.