Teacher Profile: Chad Timm

Chad Timm

Chad Timm traveling the world.

Courses Taught at NCVPS

Latin I-III

Additional Jobs

I owned a CrossFit gym for the last 5 years before selling it to a friend.

Teaching Experience

I’ve been teaching 12 years, 9 of them online!

Experience as an Online Student

Only professional development courses

Advice to Online Students

Strive for consistency in your work habits. Often the biggest lesson learned in an online course is how to self-pace and manage one’s time.

The Internet

To me, the internet represents work and productivity. I try to get my kicks out of doors and offline!

Gadgets and Things

I do enjoy reading the news on my iPad, but I don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone anymore.

Goals this Year

I’m trying to build better relationships with students through consistent communication. I like to know my students’ goals, heroes, college plans, and other interests and in turn share mine. I also would like to get an NCVPS-based trip to Italy to happen this summer! We need a couple more to sign up!

Favorite Books

I do read on my iPad. I’m a sucker for fantasy/sci-fi and one of my favorites is the Shattered Sea Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie.

Favorite Music

I love blues rock, like Led Zeppelin and the Black Keys, but I also love funk and soul, like James Brown and Charles Bradley. Through all of my European travels, I’m opening up to classical as well, such a Vivaldi.

Favorite Shows

The Big Lebowski.

Interesting Note

I love to travel and surf. I’ve visited 32 countries and surfed in 7 of them!

The Future of Learning

I see the changes in the process of learning happening rather slowly. The concept of online learning has been around for quite some time, and while I see it still having room for growth, I think the face-to-face model that’s been around since the beginning of human history will retain its primary role.

Advice to Online Teachers

Form relationships with students and always stay positive.