Meet NCVPS Super Student Taylor L.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Taylor L picture

NCVPS Super Student Taylor L.

Meet Taylor

“I am planning to attend a music conservatory for college, and have already toured many schools. So far, my favorites are The Juilliard School, Eastman School of Music, and Manhattan School of Music. I plan to graduate with an opera performance degree and hopefully go into the professional field. When I am in college, one thing I plan to do is compete for a local Miss America Preliminary. I would be eligible in the state my college is in or North Carolina, but if I won a preliminary, I would be going to the state competition, and that representative would compete for Miss America. I have competed in the teen program and have had much success with it, so hopefully, that will carry over into the adult division! In the long run, I hope to go into a career that deals heavily with music. The Miss America Organization would help me earn scholarship money for college and further degrees, and the biggest part of your score is talent, so cultivating my voice in a professional sense would carry over into that as well. .” –Taylor L.

“Taylor is an exceptional student. She always completes high-quality work and her responses are complete and thorough. She is also always ahead of the pacing guide…certainly the leader of the pack. What makes her even more interesting is that this young lady is an aspiring opera singer. Of all the students I have had the pleasure of teaching, Taylor sticks out the most!.” –Marcia Giberti, NCVPS ACT Prep Teacher

Advice for Online Students

My advice is to have a plan. I like to plan out everything I want to get done in a day, and it typically succeeds. Know your schedule and your hobbies, and do schoolwork when you can fit it in. I am a really busy person and I travel a lot due to extracurricular activities, so knowing when I can get things done is a must. If my only free time to finish schoolwork is in the car and I’m using a wi-fi hotspot, so be it! Roll with the punches and try to stick to a plan; that way, you’ll find yourself in a much better place.

The Internet

I love browsing through Facebook when I have nothing else to do! It sounds very silly, but it is an efficient way to connect with friends that live far away as well as learn things about the world. I “like” a lot of news sources and journalism sites, so I enjoy reading and watching the different interpretations of events so I can cultivate my own well-rounded opinion. I also use Youtube as a resource for my extracurricular activities. I am a classical singer, and looking up different singers performing different pieces helps me pick out the techniques that I like.

Gadgets and Things

I am a big fan of my iPhone, MacBook, and wireless headphones! When I can’t bring my laptop with me to get things done, I can use my phone. It has my calendar, music, Google Drive editing apps, and more. I may not spend a lot of time on my phone, but if I don’t have it or my laptop with me, I get nervous that there is something I am forgetting! My Mac serves relatively the same purpose as my phone, but of course, it is easier to get schoolwork done on a larger medium. It is synced up to my phone which is convenient, and I can use an Apple TV to project things on my laptop onto a TV if I need to see things bigger. My wireless headphones are a saving grace, and I use them for everything! I try to make it to the gym every day, and I can link my headphones to my phone to listen to music or even the treadmill to watch Netflix!

Taylor’s Goals

A goal I had this semester was to maintain A’s in all my classes. I am happy to say that I achieved this goal, and I hope to keep my grades consistent for the rest of the semester and the spring semester.

Random Taylor

Something random about me is that I enjoy cooking alternative, healthy versions of food. I love pumpkin bread and muffins, but they’re pretty unhealthy, so I adapted a recipe using no flour, sugar, dairy, or gluten. They’re delicious, and my friends who love regular pumpkin bread think so too! I also love making cauliflower “chicken fried rice,” where I use cauliflower instead of rice. It tastes the same, and it’s super healthy and delicious! This allows me to eat what I like without compromising my personal fitness goals.

Favorite Book

I am a theatre person, so I love Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Reading the play is very interesting to me, as I am able to compare it to the many other interpretations: Gounod’s opera, “Romeo et Juliette,” the musical, “West Side Story,” even movies like “Warm Bodies.” I prefer paper books, because they offer refuge from staring at a screen!

Favorite Music

It is impossible to choose my favorite song because it changes by the minute, but a musician I have always admired is Josh Groban. Many people don’t know who he is, but he’s the guy that sang “You Raise Me Up,” as well as “Believe” from “The Polar Express.” His voice is extremely versatile, and he recently even made his Broadway debut as Pierre in “Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812,” a musical based on an excerpt from “War and Peace.” He also sang in the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” that recently came out. Not to mention, his Christmas albums are my favorite!

Favorite Show

I don’t get much time to watch TV or movies, but while I’m getting ready, cleaning my room, or things like that, I enjoy watching “American Horror Story.” While not every season is my favorite, I love how each season is a completely different storyline with different characters, but mainly the same cast. My favorite seasons were “Asylum,” because law and psychology interest me, and I recently finished “Roanoke,” which was based on the Lost Colony of Roanoke in North Carolina, and as a person that loves history and scary stuff, that season was really cool. It focuses on scary things that could actually happen for the most part, or things that you’re convinced could happen, so it doesn’t seem silly and pointless like a lot of the “jump out and scare you” horror movies today.

Final Thoughts

I am very active in the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization, which is the “little sister” to Miss America. Last year, I competed at Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen as Miss Rowan County’s Outstanding Teen, and won over $1,000 of college scholarships as the second runner-up to the title as well as a talent and on-stage question winner. I hope to be returning next summer, and in a few weeks, I will be competing for the local title of Miss Carolina Foothills’ Outstanding Teen. Because of this organization, I have been given the opportunity to do a lot of community service through my personal platform, Healing Hearts Through the Arts. I bring music and art supplies to children in hospitals and older adults in retirement homes, and everyone in between. I have been able to travel all across the state promoting the importance of the arts and performing, and for that I am very thankful. I highly recommend anyone who wants to win college scholarships and be an ambassador for their community to get involved!

“This is my first year taking NCVPS courses. I have really enjoyed it so far, and I feel more focused because I work on my own time. I chose NCVPS because I wanted more flexibility in my musical pursuits, as I am studying classical voice and opera. The instruction is so much more straightforward, so understanding material and completing assignments is a lot easier for me.”  –Taylor L.