Meet NCVPS Super Student Jay G.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Jay G.

NCVPS Super Student Jay G.

Meet Jay

“My future plans consist of doing two years of community college and becoming a CNA and then transferring to a university nursing program and studying to be an RN. After that, I want to specialize in psychology to someday be a psychiatric technician, who are the nurses that work in mental health clinics and hospitals.” –Jay

“Jay is an incredible poet. She shares her verses with the rest of the class and goes above and beyond all my expectations in her work. She is articulate, enthusiastic, willing to go the extra mile to not only improve her education, but I have learned from her as well. She is extraordinarily helpful and has a strong presence and voice in her writing. She makes me a better teacher by being inquisitive, engaged, and enthusiastic about our class. She is a Super Student!” –Sabrina Beasley, NCVPS English III Honors Teacher

NCVPS Experience

I turned to online classes because I was looking for a way to get my education while also being able to handle my OCD and chronic depression. I’m so grateful to have gotten such amazing teachers who are understanding and really love what they teach. I’ve been able to work at a pace that fits my needs, and with the NCVPS platform, I’m able to learn individually while still being able to keep a connection with my teacher. NCVPS has allowed me to revive the love for learning I’ve always had.

Advice to Online Students

My advice would be to be proactive in getting to know your teachers and creating a dialogue. Never be afraid to ask for help.

The Internet

My two favorite websites have to be Youtube and Tumblr. I can get lost in them for hours if allowed. Youtube has just about every imaginable content that’s constantly multiplying. I’ve learned a lot of life skills and been informed about real-world issues through Youtube, and it’s also just a fun place. Tumblr is a blog forum that also has just about everything you can imagine, good and bad. However, there are some amazing people and artists on there that inspire me, make me laugh and even cry.

Gadgets and Things

My favorite has to be my iPhone because, like most people, it rarely isn’t in my hand. Without it, there’s a lot of people that I would’ve never met and people I would have lost contact with.


My main goal for this semester is to be able to learn something in my classes. I don’t need a super high grade or a perfect track record, I just want to be able to say that I learned the material.

Random Note

I can’t sleep without a fan on and a million pillows.

Favorite Books

I have so many favorite books it’s impossible to pick just one, HOWEVER… right now my favorite would have to be 1984 by George Orwell. I could read it 10 times more. On that note, I will always believe that physical paper books are the best kind.

Favorite Music

Laura Marling has a way with her voice and lyrics that it feels like she writes songs about me so I would definitely choose her. Her music always makes me feel something intense.

Favorite TV Shows

Favorite TV show hands down is Ghost Adventures, it’s never not entertaining. My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction, but some days it’s Kill Bill Vol. 2. Tarantino is an actual legend.

Interesting Note

I’m a high school junior, I am Mexican and I have an older brother. My dog’s name is Bessie and I’ve always dreamed of living in New York but I’ve never even been there. I have a diverse taste in music, a love for 70’s movies, and I am constantly writing something.