Meet NCVPS Super Student Corie J.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Corie J

NCVPS Super Student Corie J

Meet Corie

Corie competes in dance for the Center Stage Dance Company. They have been national champions for five years in a row. “I am a big band geek, and I love playing alto saxophone in the marching band at my school!” –Corrie J.

Friendsgiving with Corie

“Corie is a very enthusiastic French student who is both disciplined and talented. The online classroom really suits her! Recently, she shared that she and the other first period online students at her school held a Friendsgiving! They each brought a dish and shared a fun meal in the library. They celebrated their Friendsgiving right before the Thanksgiving break and it was for all students at their school who took an online class during first period. So cool!” –-Claire Driscoll, NCVPS French Teacher

“At my school online students go to the Media Center to do their work. My friend Thomas, who also had an online class for first period, thought it would be fun for all of us (the online students) to bring in some food, and we’d celebrate Thanksgiving together. We called it “Friendsgiving.” We all sat around a big table in the Library and ate cold fried chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, and mini apple pies. We just chatted and had fun, but eventually we had to get back to work lol.”  –Corrie J. 

NCVPS Experience

My school doesn’t have a French teacher anymore so NCVPS sort of came to my rescue. I really wanted to learn French so I’m very happy I had this opportunity. I’ve had a great time at NCVPS and I’m coming back next semester for French 2.

Advice for Online Students

To other online students I would say, make sure to stay on top of things. Because everything’s due at the end of the week it may seem that you could kick back a little, but the work can pile up fast, trust me.

The Internet

Majority of my time spent online would probably be on YouTube and Pinterest. I love YouTube because there are so many interesting people and channels to watch. You can also find a video on practically anything you want to learn about. I like Pinterest because you can find recipes, crafting ideas, and other things that I enjoy.

Favorite Gadgets

My favorite technology gadgets are my phone and my laptop. With my phone I can text my friends, listen to music, watch YouTube videos and more, all from the palm of my hand lol. My school laptop has all of my work on it and it enables me to research and easily do school work from home.


My goal this semester was to get an A in my first ever AP class, AP Human Geography. So far I am reaching that goal.

Future Corie

I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know in the future my plans are to go to college and hopefully have a happy and relatively successful life.

Favorite Book

I don’t have a favorite book, but my favorite book series is Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I definitely prefer real books over ebooks.

Favorite Music

My favorite musician/band is Twenty One Pilots. I’m going to see them live in June!

Favorite Movie

Currently, my favorite movie is The Greatest Showman, but it’s always changing.