Meet NCVPS Super Student Robert A.

The NCVPS Super Student Award is for students who have gone above and beyond the course requirements and as a result have enriched the content, class dynamic, their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and even their teacher’s learning.


Robert A.

NCVPS Super Student Robert A.

Meet Robert

“I am half English and half Dutch, I live in England; however, I am going to be moving to the USA hopefully sometime late May-June 2019. I was meant to move last summer, however, the move was constantly delayed due to government shutdowns, paperwork issues, etc. I go to a school in England which has many American children as there is a US military base nearby. As a result, my school in England offers many American topics and help for people such as myself moving to the states. If I wanted enough credits by the end of this year I ideally needed to take a US English class on top of my A-Level subjects, so the US international studies teacher signed me up to NCVPS English 3 Honors.

Taking this class allowed me to become independent with my work online. Since there is no classroom environment which I work in, and my teacher is all the way in NC while I am in England, I need to make sure that I complete my work on time and to a high standard. I need to make sure I plan out when I take the time to do my online class and therefore through the online format have learned how to be more independent and consistent with my studies.

The variety of work has often been quite good. It is not always the same task for every lesson and module. Usually it’s something slightly or very different from the last assignment which makes work a little more interesting.” – Robert A

“Due to the travel bans earlier this year, Robert has been stuck in the UK while the rest of his family is here. He has worked diligently to prevent this from allowing him to get behind. He corresponds with me regularly to make sure I know when he will/will not have stable internet.” – Stephanie Wallace – English 3 Honors Teacher

Robert’s Online Learning Advice

My advice would be to always strive to make each assignment better than the last and always spend a lot of time studying the lesson and editing your work. I take a lot of notes from the lessons and occasionally do extra research about the topic online so I can attain a greater understanding. When doing assignments, I always try make sure my work includes everything I want it to and to take that extra step and ensure I write that little bit more so I can include all the details I want. I also try to think of better words to use when writing essays. For example, instead of using the word show, I would use the word demonstrate. When you do this for more words and phrases, your essay will look more professional and intelligent!

Semester Goals

My goal this semester was to adapt to the US system as quickly as possible through this online course and get a good grade. As the US system is very different from the English system it was a little hard at first; however, now I feel like I have a far greater understanding of the US system and have also gotten some very good grades this semester, as a result I would say I have achieved my goal.

Future Goals

After I finish high school at the end of next school year, I would like to go to college ideally in NC. In college I would like to study something along the lines of media/advertising/marketing which is what both my mum and my dad do for a living. Then hopefully once I graduate from college I would love to work in a well known company such as Dentsu Aegis, IBM, Coke, Amazon, or another company along those lines.


I was born in Tokyo, Japan and I speak English, Dutch and German! I have lived in 4 countries which is something that I feel has made me the person I am today, as from a young child I have always had to adapt to new and different cultures.

My favorite authors are Roald Dahl, David Walliams, Robert Muchamore, Jeff Kinney and James Dashner. My favorite musicians are Michael Jackson, The 1975, Joji, Eminem, Deadmau5 and Logic. My favorite movies are the Star Wars original trilogy, Most Marvel Movies (favorite is Thor Ragnarok), The Usual Suspects, The Wolf of Wall Street and Catch Me If You Can to name a few!

I am part of a football (soccer) team which I am very passionate about. I am a member at ParkRun. It’s a great way for people to get fit and a very family friendly and fun environment!

For Fun

Some of my favorite online sites and apps include Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, BBC Sport and Amazon. I like to be very social online and also find sites and apps like that useful as I can be updated on news (especially news regarding football (soccer)).

I also spend a lot of time outside. I enjoy running and football (soccer, we call it football in England!). I play 3 days a week and I plan to continue over in the US for high school and college. I have also volunteered at the local Park Run where I marshal, help set it up, run as a pacemaker, etc. This was a great experience as I got to meet many people, stay outside, and keep fit while doing a good deed (even though it meant it had to wake up at 7:00 AM on a Saturday!).