NCVPS and EVAAS Rosters

NCVPS does its own roster verification for NCVPS students in EVAAS. All NCVPS teachers who teach courses with an NCFE or EOC will need to verify their rosters using their provided NCVPS EVAAS Account.

Schools should not create rosters for NCVPS teachers. If the student is in an NCVPS EOC or NCFE course, then the school should not claim those students in those courses (See Co-Teaching Exception below)

NCVPS teachers who teach in both an LEA and for NCVPS will not have their data combined into one rating. NCVPS teachers will claim students on their NCVPS rosters and not on rosters in other physical districts. These teachers will complete separate rosters for the students they taught in the LEA and the students they taught in NCVPS. Administrators and roster approvers in the LEA will not be able to view the teacher’s rosters associated with NCVPS. Students in NCVPS courses will contribute to the school-level value-added growth (Educator Effectiveness and School Accountability).

EOCs and NCFEs must be administered by the local schools to students in NCVPS courses.

NCVPS teachers of non-OCS courses that administer an NCFE will complete Roster Verification for the entire year during spring Roster Verification.

Co-Teaching Exceptions (Programs: OCS and Math Intervention)

Partner teachers will continue to verify their rosters during both fall and spring Roster Verification.

As a reminder, NCVPS teachers will enter 50% in the “% of Instruction” column for OCS students. The face-to-face teacher in the student’s LEA will also enter 50% for these students.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Brandon Simmons (