Request for Course Extensions

NCVPS grants two-week course extensions for the following reasons:

  • medical (family medical reasons included)
  • IEP/504 reasons (IEP modifications for extended time on assessments does not meet the requirement for course extensions)
  • senior graduation issues


It is too early for us to accept course extension requests. There is still time left for students to work, and extensions are two-weeks in length and only for those students who need just a little more time to finish the course. If large portions of the course are missing, an extension will not help the student. We will, of course, work with student situations as we get closer to the end of the semester. We want our students to be successful. What we need now is for the student to work steadily and make progress in the course.

Instructional directors will start granting extensions on May 6 for early start courses and on May 27 for traditional calendar courses.

Course extension requests must come from the principal. The principal should include the following information in the ticket to the Virtual Support Center requesting an extension:

  • Student’s name
  • School’s name
  • Course name
  • NCVPS teacher’s name
  • Grade level
  • Reason for extension
  • The final end date being requested for the extension (within the two-week time frame)


An ELA can open the ticket for the principal. Just be sure to include the principal’s email address in the ticket.

For complete details about extensions, see our NCVPS Course Extensions – Quick Reference Guide.