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Building Your Partnership with NC Virtual

NC Virtual wants to build on our partnership with your district and school. Over the past fourteen years, schools have enrolled with NC Virtual because of our quality online courses and great flexibility. Our courses have been nationally recognized by Quality Matters, the global organization leading quality assurance in online teaching and learning, and schools have the option to enroll students into our summer, Early Start, Standard Start, or in a flex enrollment program.

Certified North Carolina teachers help develop and teach our courses, and they have successfully completed our rigorous Teacher-in-Training program for online instruction. Students can expect personal attention and quality feedback.

However, we offer much more to districts than our high-quality courses and flexibility. Those features are standard. Click through the tabs below to see how we are helping districts, schools, and students across the state.


Supporting Schools and Districts

Learning does not have to stop in the summer! If you want to start a summer school program or supplement your current one, then use your state’s virtual school’s summer program. Our flexible funding option can help you support the summer program if you do not want to use your allotment.

Our summer session is a fast-paced program. An entire 18-week course is taught in just 6 weeks. Students will spend about 4 hours a day working in a course. Students can spread out their work throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be in one sitting. Students can work in their NC Virtual courses any time during the day or night, 24/7. They just need to pay close attention to the due dates for their assignments, tests, and quizzes.

You can also use our Partnership Course Program to build your summer school. Reach out to us for more details. 

We provide the courses. You provide the teachers!

Many districts have started their own virtual academies, using NC Virtual as their course provider. Academies allow districts to better support their growing number of online students. Virtual academies have developed “drop back in” programs for students who have dropped out and don’t perform well in the traditional building. Academies have also been able to attract back home-schooled students. Visit our Partnership Courses Program page for details on setting up your own virtual academy. It can be school-based or district-wide. We have a number of prototypes that can be customized for your district or school.

NCVirtual provides high-quality courses for students throughout the state that are built and taught by North Carolina teachers who deliver personalized care and instruction. We deliver on the promise of equitable access while providing economic advantages for all schools and districts.

The impact on your NCVirtual allotment for a student enrolled in a full-load of eight block courses would be $2,792. However, the district would be able to keep the ADM for that student. By enrolling in  NCVirtual courses, districts and schools can continue to serve and retain students in these circumstances:

• unable to attend school for medical or other reasons

• preparing to leave for a home or private school

• already attending a home school

• working to support their family

• have dropped out

• are simply at risk of dropping out

And, of course, for every other reason.

For more information on the financial benefits of partnering with NCVPS, contact Chris Coby in our Outreach and Support Team.

NC Virtual can supplement your traditional catalog with over 150 online courses. This provides increased opportunities for your students. Last year, more than 700 schools enrolled over 50,000 students into our courses. Students can take courses they need or courses based on their interests. We have six programs for districts. Our traditional program includes standard, honors, and AP courses. Our other programs include OCSIntervention Co-TeachingFlex LearningMiddle School, and English Language Learners. North Carolina teachers from across the state have helped us develop courses for every student at every level.

In the spring of 2020, we helped over 25,000 educators with their transitions to remote instructions. We provided a virtual stream of webinars on topics ranging from Transitioning to Online to How to Use Seesaw to How to Host an Online Meeting with Students, and literally dozens more. All free. All with CEU credit. All for the teachers of North Carolina. The webinar series is now a permanent part of our NC Virtual mission. Visit our Digital Transition page to sign up for future events and stream all of our past webinars. We have something for everyone.

Each year, schools across the state lose teachers unexpectedly. Finding a qualified replacement can often be difficult. Many districts and schools turn to NC Virtual for a solution. Each year, schools enroll entire sections into an NC Virtual course after losing a teacher. Contact us when that happens, and we will try to group your students with one or two NC Virtual teachers.

We have a number of programs and resources to help districts with remote instruction.

Are you looking for remote learning and instruction PD? Visit our Digital Transition page to stream our archived webinars and sign up for future events.

Do you have a teacher in a high-risk group who can’t return to the classroom? If so, try our Partnership Course Program. We will provide the course and all the technology. Your teacher will just have to teach!

Do your teachers need professional development to teach remotely? Sign up for one of our webinars on remote teaching.

Do you have students in high-risk groups? Let that student take online classes NC Virtual. See the Finance Benefits tab for details on how that can save your district money.

Do you have students who did not receive all the instruction they needed in 8th-grade math and are now entering Math 1? Our highly successful Co-teaching Intervention Program would be great for those students. We also have intervention courses for Math 2, 3, Biology, English 2, and Chemistry.

Contact us for more details on how we can help with your remote instruction plans.

Our Occupational Course of Study program and our intervention program both use a co-teaching model. NC Virtual provides the online teacher, and the local school or district provides the classroom or remote teacher. Both programs have been tremendously successful for schools throughout the state.

Our OCS program has had a profound impact on North Carolina students for over ten years. In this program, we provide the certified subject-matter teacher, and the local school provides the classroom or remote EC teacher.

Our co-teaching intervention program targets courses that pose the greatest barrier to graduation. Our co-teaching intervention program currently includes NC Math 1, 2, and 3, English 2, and biology. Statewide data shows those courses have the most critical need for intervention. The intervention program would not likely be for all your students, but it will greatly benefit your at-risk students. Watch our video below to get an introduction to the program.

Supporting Students

NC Virtual online courses are, of course, a great benefit to students. Here are just a few ways we support their educational goals.

The flexibility of NC Virtual courses allows students to catch up with their peers or advance quickly to higher levels. Thousands of students enroll in our summer session to get back on track, graduate early, or complete prerequisites for fall courses. Many middle school students complete their foreign language and Math 1 and 2 requirements before they enter high school. This allows them time to take more advanced classes, graduate early, or take course-intensive programs at their schools like band, theater, and ROTC.

Access to advanced courses brings equity to all North Carolina students. All students can now get the honors and AP classes that they might miss at their schools. This can boost their college applications to compete with any students from across the state or nation. All of our North Carolina students deserve the same chance for college admittance and scholarships.

NC Virtual’s flexible scheduling and intervention courses can help students who have fallen behind or face barriers to graduation. Our intervention program focuses on the four courses that have been identified as the biggest barrier to graduation: Math I, Math II, Biology, and English II.

The 21st Century has brought us complex students with complicated scheduling issues. We have students on national-level athletic teams, performing in the entertainment industry, and students facing severe health issues. Those students can still have a quality education with NC Virtual courses. Let us help you resolve those scheduling issues.