Parents, facilitators, advisors, and mentors have two ways to track student progress in Canvas. You can download the canvas app to your phone or tablet, or you can log in through the web portal on your computer.

I. The Canvas App

You can now download the Instructure’s Canvas Parent app in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Parents and facilitators will need a “pairing code” from the student’s account to connect with the student. Students must generate a separate pairing code for each person who wants to connect to their account. This might include parents, advisors, and mentors. This link shows how students create a pairing code from inside their Canvas courses.

The Canvas Parent app is designed to provide visibility into a student’s progress at a glance. Canvas Parent allows both parents and facilitators to:

  • View assignment descriptions and due dates
  • Set reminders for assignments
  • View assignment grades
  • View course grades
  • Set grade alerts
  • View course announcements

App Setup

Here are the complete directions from Canvas on how to set up the Canvas Parent app and connect with your student.

NOTE: Type in the following web address for the institution: The search will not find NCVPS. You must type in the web address for our link to Canvas. Remember that students will need to generate a pairing code for you to connect to them.

II. The Canvas Web Portal

Parents and facilitators can also access their students’ courses through their computer’s web browser. The setup process is similar to the Canvas app, but the login is online at this web address: You will still need the pairing code to connect accounts. See our Directions for Canvas Web Portal page for step-by-step instructions.