Find our course catalogues on the left. In each catalogue, you will find the course title, course code, duration, and learning management system that the course is offered in.

For a PDF version of the catalog, follow this link: NCVPS 2016-2017 Course Catalog.

Middle School Updates

Middle school students may earn high school credit for a limited number of courses approved under North Carolina State Board of Education Policy GCS-M-001. Please refer to our High School Courses for Middle School Students web page to determine which courses are eligible.

See our page for newly developed middle school courses. These courses are designed specifically for middle school students and are only for middle school credit.

Middle School students are also not permitted to take any CTE courses with NCVPS.  Please refer to the Middle School CTE Course Memo posted by Jo Anne Honeycutt, CTE Director for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Course Syllabus

Follow this link to view the syllabus and pacing guide for each course: NCVPS Course Syllabus.