NCVirtual is implementing its COVID-19 Response Plan for all districts.  See the details below and visit NCDHHS for additional virus updates and resources.

NCVirtual has an emergency management plan and is making preparations for coronavirus COVID-19. We have plans for both short-term and long-term closings.

Current NCVirtual Enrollments

Students currently enrolled with NCVirtual can continue to access their online courses during school closing if they have internet access at home. However, we understand that students may face other burdens in addition to access.

Our teachers will be flexible with assignment due dates. Students will not be penalized for late work. Instructional teams are preparing plans to exempt students from assigned work while at the same time maintaining the integrity of their courses. These modified plans will relieve students of work (and stress) but will still teach the essential standards of the course.

NC Virtual will do the following if the virus disrupts school operations:

• Notify NCVirtual teachers of the virus’s impact on North Carolina schools and districts.

• Ensure that NCVirtual teachers have flexible plans for students who cannot access their online courses. Teachers will monitor student logins, remain flexible, and communicate with students about progress and needs.

• In OCS and co-taught courses, NCVirtual teachers will follow the lead of the face-to-face partnership teachers. Some districts are providing instruction during the initial closure, others are not. Our teachers will reach out to partner teachers to determine the best plan for communication during the closure and will continue to report on course activity.

• Communicate to districts and students any interruption to services that NC Virtual might experience (building closures, access issues, etc.). This information will be provided through our website, email, social media, and in Canvas (our learning management system).

• Communicate with teachers to determine which teachers have also been affected by the virus.

Districts should be prepared to do the following:

• Communicate to NCVirtual any special needs your district has. You may open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center or email us with your details.

• Notify students of any services that may be interrupted due to the virus that may affect operations.

Parents and students can do the following:

• Notify their NCVirtual teachers, if possible, if access to courses has been affected due to the virus.

• Communicate with the NCVirtual teacher regarding make-up work.

• Note that if students have continued access to courses, they may continue working if their situation allows, even if their schools are closed.

New Enrollments with NCVirtual

Schools can continue to transfer students into NCVirtual classes. In response to statewide school closures, there will be no cost for these late transfers nor will they impact a district’s projected allotment for the 2020-2021 school year. We do, however, have our own limits based on teacher capacity. We are examining our capacity right now.

Here are the details for transfer enrollments.

• Students must be transfer students, i.e., they are currently enrolled in the course and have had instructional time with a teacher.

• Enrollments will not count toward the district’s instructional projection for 2020-2021, thus not reducing classroom teacher allotment for the next budget year.

• If schools are closing for a short amount of time, the NCVirtual teacher will continue to work with the district teacher in a co-teaching capacity. Schools will continue to have access to the teacher and the course for the duration of the semester.

• Please remember that this is not an unlimited enrollment. Priority consideration for enrollment should be given to your graduating seniors, tested courses, hard-to-staff courses.

At this time, we are processing all school-closure enrollments into traditional sections with the face-to-face classroom teacher added as a partner teacher to the course. Partner teachers will be able to add their contact information and other content to the course if they choose to. We will provide resources to help partner teachers with this. NCVirtual teachers are eager to collaborate and stay connected to the designated f2f teachers as your school deems appropriate.

Contact our Virtual Support Center if you have additional questions.

School Closure Learning Continuity Readiness Rubric

Thumbnail of Continuity Readiness RubricView and download a School Closure Learning Continuity Readiness Rubric that schools can use as an evaluation and planning tool.