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Course Description

Teachers will evaluate the benefits to learning of formative assessments and feedback based on current research. Teachers will successfully use a design strategy to construct a formative assessment. Teachers will develop a plan to use formative assessment within his/her class, specific to a lesson. Teachers will evaluate feedback based on identified components of effective feedback. Teachers will construct effective feedback and reflect on use of that feedback.

Course Syllabus

Course Start Dates

January 25-March 6, 2016
March 21-May 1, 2016
June 20-July 31, 2016

Enrollment Details

  • Audience: K-12 Teachers, Administrators, Professors for Higher Education Institutions
  • Number of course hours for Continuing Education Units earned and equivalent for other state’s: 30 Hours
  • Duration of course: 6 Weeks
  • Costs: $165.00/course

Follow this link to begin the enrollment process. A member of NCVPS Professional Learning team will contact you with further details.

Semester-Long Version of Course

Upon request from Institutions of Higher Learning, this course can be customizable to meet the requirements of a semester course:

  1. Duration: 15-18 Weeks (Customizable to meet institutional/course and learner scheduling)
  2. Cost: 850/individual seat; 800/group (10 or more seats)
  3. Audience: Students Institutions of Higher Education (supplemental to required educational courses, undergraduate and/or graduate level courses)
  4. Facilitation: IHE could choose either a co-facilitation with IHE Faculty Facilitator and NCVPS Facilitator or Facilitated entirely by highly qualified NCVPS Facilitator

For questions, please contact us at

What Educators are Saying

“The Building A Learning Map course was one which at first glance I thought would merely be a review of information I already knew. Once I began working through the course, I was excited to see new perspectives and realized it was challenging me to look at the big picture. Through the assignments and discussions with my peers, I felt like I grew in my knowledge and provided me with new methods for incorporating assessment in both my virtual classroom and my face to face classroom. In addition, the course introduced me to some new tools that will be beneficial in assessing my students. The course itself was fair in the amount of readings, assignments, and discussions. I definitely feel like I walked away with valuable information that I could immediately put into practice!”
~Amy Lynn Rose, K-12 English Teacher, UNCG Adjunct Professor, Educational Research Methodology Department

“This course was tremendously effective. Each week’s activities were engaging and I learned a lot from them. As a result of this course, I am more mindful of the need for constant formative assessment in my classes, and I am working harder to implement them. I also realized that I needed more engaging feedback on assignments and am working to do that as well. A top notch course with lots of great takeaways to really impact my instruction.”
~Lisa Meier, NBCT, Occupational Course of Study Teacher, NCVPS

“I highly recommend Building a Learning Map professional learning course for all teachers, both face to face and online. This course provided great insights into what types of feedback lead to learning and which do not. In addition, I learned many new tools that I am incorporating to provide feedback that help my students achieve. This course has made me a more effective teacher.”
~Patricia Lipsey, NBCT, North Carolina Virtual Public School Spanish Instructor