Course Description

This course will explore the nuances of intellectual property, copyright, and fair use. Every modern educator should model digital responsibility and citizenship in order for students to be more responsible digitally. One important area digital responsibility is understanding intellectual property–that is, what is appropriate and inappropriate usage of digital content. This course will unpack definitions of copyright, fair use, and creative commons, and explore practical ways to ensure proper content attribution of digital content and resources. This course is not just information dissemination; instead, it is means for teachers to not only learn and grow together, but also create scenarios where each learner can practice and apply what is learned. Throughout this learning experience and to achieve this end each learner will connect with other learners in learning conversation study groups.

Course Syllabus

Course Start Dates

January 25-February 21, 2016

February 29-March 27, 2016

April 11, 2017-May 8, 2016

June 20-July 17, 2016

Enrollment Details

  • Audience: K-12 Teachers, Administrators, Professors for Higher Education Institutions
  • Number of course hours for Continuing Education Units earned and equivalent for other state’s: 30 Hours
  • Duration of course: 3-6 Weeks
  • Costs: $165.00/course seat
  • If a school or district registers groups of teachers (at least 20 enrollments), start dates for any of the above courses can be customizable. Group rate of 20 participants or more: $85/course seat.

Follow this link to begin the enrollment process. A member of NCVPS Professional Learning team will contact you with further details.

Semester-Long Version of Course

Upon request from Institutions of Higher Learning, this course can be customizable to meet the requirements of a semester course:

  1. Duration: 15-18 Weeks (Customizable to meet institutional/course and learner scheduling)
  2. Cost: 850/individual seat; 700/group (10 or more seats)
  3. Audience: Students Institutions of Higher Education (supplemental to required educational courses, undergraduate and/or graduate level courses)
  4. Facilitation: IHE could choose either a co-facilitation with IHE Faculty Facilitator and NCVPS Facilitator or Facilitated entirely by highly qualified NCVPS Facilitator

What Educators are Saying:

“As a Librarian, I was well aware of copyright and intellectual property. This course explored the many details that are so relevant to use in the classroom. It clarified fair use of information, the transformative nature of using intellectual property, and Creative Commons. I learned so much more than I imagined. It was a challenge to add an online class during the school year, but this one was well worth the time! Well done, well written and you gain practical skills and resources!”
~Terry Taylor, Librarian/Media Coordinator, Charlotte Catholic High School

“My school typically gives a super brief overview of copyright at the beginning of each year (like 10 minutes). This is the first training that has given me significant information on copyright laws.”
~Crystal Good, OCS English, Teacher, North Carolina Virtual Public School

“Thanks for the input about Fair Use and remembering the four-factor test for determining. I never realized how much information could be tagged as not fair use and always was concerned if I could use some material for my website online. The four-factor test suggestion will make it much easier to identify those materials. Contacting an author is something totally new for me but suggestion has been taken and will utilize in the future. The course has been most helpful in securing information to be used within the copyright and fair use law.”
~Mary Smith, OCS Math, Teacher, North Carolina Virtual Public School

“I agree that this course has been very helpful in locating free resources! I never knew there were so many options, and I never would have found them on my own.The sharing of resources in this group is an amazing benefit!”
~Hilda White, OCS English, Teacher, North Carolina Virtual Public School

“I am gathering a deeper understanding of how to be a digitally responsible citizen and also how to share this information with my students. I have more insight into the appropriate usage of digital content, copyright, creative commons and fair use. I understand that I am not as limited as I previously believed! I also enjoyed the opportunities this course afforded me to work with other instructors.”
~Jim Boone, African American Studies Teacher, North Carolina Virtual Public School

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