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Course Description

This course will explore the history, the trends, and the benefits of online and blended teaching while shattering the long established yet incorrect myths that seem to orbit online and blended learning. As online and blended education is still a toddler in educational pursuits, there is a need for high-quality online and blended learning educators and leaders. This course is designed to support both the teacher and leader in an online and blended learning environment. When completed, learners will have an in depth perspective of the advantages and challenges to online and blended learning and will be better prepared to both teach and lead in an online and blended environment.

Course Syllabus

Course Start Dates

September 14-October 25, 2015
March 21-May 1, 2016
June 20-July 31, 2016

Enrollment Details

  • Audience: K-12 Teachers, Administrators, Professors for Higher Education Institutions
  • Number of course hours for Continuing Education Units earned and equivalent for other state’s: 30 Hours
  • Duration of course: 6 Weeks
  • Costs: $165.00/course

Follow this link to begin the enrollment process. A member of NCVPS Professional Learning team will contact you with further details.

Semester-Long Version of Course

Upon request from Institutions of Higher Learning, this course can be customizable to meet the requirements of a semester course:

  1. Duration: 15-18 Weeks (Customizable to meet institutional/course and learner scheduling)
  2. Cost: 850/individual seat; 800/group (10 or more seats)
  3. Audience: Students Institutions of Higher Education (supplemental to required educational courses, undergraduate and/or graduate level courses)
  4. Facilitation: IHE could choose either a co-facilitation with IHE Faculty Facilitator and NCVPS Facilitator or Facilitated entirely by highly qualified NCVPS Facilitator

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What Educators are Saying

“This course effectively breaks down misconceptions about online and blended learning and opens participants’ eyes to strategies for quality online instruction”
~Jayme Linton, Instructor and program coordinator for Master of Science in Online Teaching and Instructional Design

“I found this course to be especially relevant to my role as a supervisor of online learning for middle and high school students. As I continue to work with members of our district and community to develop shared understandings of the benefits and opportunities available through online learning, I am constantly challenged with dispelling myths, misunderstandings and fears. The content provided me with affirmation of my efforts thus far, research to help me better support these conversations with stakeholders, and perspective to assist with alignment of online learning efforts with institutions of higher education. Throughout this 6-week PL experience, I was able to collaborate with professionals from across the state who share my commitment to ensuring high quality online learning experiences in our public schools, community colleges and universities. The format modeled best practices for clear presentation of content, various methods and choices for demonstrating understanding and application…all while embedding opportunities for collaboration throughout each learning experience. Following my positive experience, our district has expanded this opportunity to many of our school-level online learning team members. I look forward to future offerings as we continue to grow our expertise in the area of blended and online learning!”
~Wendy Kraft, Supervisor of Online Learning, New Hanover Schools and 2014 NCVPS eLearning Coordinator of the Year

“This course walks the walk by giving students vital tools for successfully teaching online in an interactive, supportive, and exciting learning environment. The self-paced, reflective assignments enable students to craft course materials and lessons that are engaging and applicable to a variety of instructional approaches. The teachers have a keen insight into the challenges and opportunities that await those of us who teach online.”
~David Temple