Prior to the Start of Classes

We are in the buildup to the start of classes. It’s time to check your rosters and make sure students have what they need to have a successful start of the semester. Each week for the next several weeks, NCVPS will post a primer to help districts prepare for the new semester.

  • If you are a new school-level E-learning Advisor (ELA) or district coordinator (ELC), please see our Getting Started Guide here.
  • If you need additional help getting started, please complete a help ticket at our Virtual Support Center here.
  • Find our calendars here
  • Browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages:

> FAQs for Parents.

> FAQS for Students.

  • Inform students of the time commitment for NCVPS courses:

> Summer courses: 3 – 5 HOURS of work a day, Monday through Friday.

> Block courses: 90 MINUTES of work each day, Monday through Friday.

> Yearlong courses: 50 MINUTES of work each day, Monday through Friday. AP courses may require additional time.

> There may be work over the weekend just like in traditional schools.

  • Ensure that students have their own email accounts. You will need a student email address to register a student. Please do not use the ELA’s email to register students. It is imperative that teachers have an accurate email and telephone contact for their students.
  • Give your students their usernames and passwords when you register them. NCVPS does NOT send passwords to students. ELAs have access to this information in the registration system.
  • Follow this link to see how to access student login information.
  • If a student has password issues, he or she should complete a ticket at the Virtual Support Center here. Students should include their name, email address, PowerSchool Number, and school name when they complete their tickets.
  • Ask your students not to change their passwords without letting you know. This has caused problems for ELAs when they want to access students’ gradebooks only to discover the students’ logins do not work because the password has been changed.
  • Students enrolled in German courses through Oklahoma State University will receive their usernames and passwords in an email from OSU. OSU will use the student email address in the registration system. Be sure you have their correct email address in the registration system.
  • Give students the Student Checklist (similar to this one). Please add your own expectations to the student checklist! The checklist can be found at this link.
  • Advise your students to go through either the Blackboard orientation or Moodle orientation before classes begin. Students should refer to the Student Checklist to see how to do this.
  • Confirm that your students are enrolled in the course and not waitlisted. If students are waitlisted, they may get into the course if new sections are opened OR if other students enrolled in the course withdraw from the course. No students will move off the waitlist after the 10th day of a course.
  • Contact the Virtual Support Center for help when you need it.

1. Navigate to the site:
2. Click on “Open a New Ticket.”
3. Fill in the required fields.
4. Be sure to describe your question or problem with detail.
5. If you are opening a ticket for a student, be sure to include the following:

student name
userID (PowerSchool #)
course the student is in
instructor’s name

Your ticket will be resolved by a Support Center technician or escalated to the appropriate staff member. An NCVPS representative will respond with a resolution.

  • Be aware of course prerequisites. Click here to see the course prerequisites.
  • Order the necessary textbooks and materials for your students. Look for the ”Textbooks and Materials” here. Districts and schools are responsible for all textbooks and materials. Typically only our AP courses require textbooks, but some courses may need software or materials. For science labs, you may need to solicit the assistance of a science teacher who can inventory the lab materials and equipment needed and facilitate students for designated labs. Much of the lab material can be found in an ordinary kitchen.
  • School and district technology must check our Course URL list here to make sure those sites are not blocked.
  • SAR Reporting: Stay tuned for a message from PowerSchool on SAR reporting for NCVPS teachers. They will likely pre-populate our teacher information into PowerSchool for you.
  • Create a group or individual email contact list for students. This will give you quick access to all of your students. Test their email addresses before the semester begins. Be prepared to make contact once a week to check on progress, concerns, or questions the students have.
  • Double check your roster. If you are unsure how to run your enrollment report, click here to see how to run your enrollment report. Check the “Status” column on the far right of the spreadsheet to see if students are “enrolled” or “waitlisted.” Students may move off the waitlist through the Day 5 of the semester. If you see any students who are enrolled who you know will not be taking the course, then please drop those students right away. This will help other students move off the waitlist. It is important to check your NCVPS roster for accuracy. NCVPS will NOT administratively drop students any longer who do not log in by Day 7 of the course. With the transition to PowerSchool, many schools and districts have asked NCVPS to not admin drop students, so it is imperative that you confirm that your roster is accurate before Day 10 of class, which is the last day to drop students without it counting toward your district’s allotment total or a grade being issued to the student.