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ELC Advisory Network

NCVirtual’s district contact has an essential role in our program’s development. That contact, the e-learning coordinator (ELC), provides us with their district’s needs and provides feedback on our effectiveness. To facilitate that partnership, we have created the ELC Advisory Network.

Upcoming Events

November/December Regional ELC Meetings @ The NC Virtual Lunch Hour

Northeast and Southeast Regions – November 30th at noon.

North Central and Sandhills Regions – December 2nd at noon.

Piedmont and Southwest Regions – December 3rd at noon.

Northwest and Western Regions – December 4th at noon.

Purpose: Updates are sent out in video form prior to our meetings.  Meetings will include a time for questions and answers in response to the video, opportunities for ELCs to offer feedback to NC Virtual, and time to collaborate, connect and gain insights from your colleagues and others doing similar work.

Access: See your email for the invitation or contact christopher.coby@ncpublicschools.gov.

ELC Statewide Advisory Committee Meetings

January 15th, 2021 @ 9:00am

April 16th, 2021 @ 9:00am

July 16th, 2021 @ 9:00am

Advisory Purpose

Advisory network members drive the agenda, but meetings typically include the following:

• Information from staff members on the NCVirtual’s systems and supports.
• Opportunities for network members to share best practices.
• Opportunities to partner with other network members.
• Opportunities to share needs and concerns with NCVirtual.

The network has two goals:

• Provide NCVirtual with continuous feedback from District ELCs concerning district needs and effectiveness of NCVPS programs.
• Provide district ELCs with a network of peers in collaboration with NCVirtual

Advisory Structure

The NCVirtual ELC Advisory Network is comprised of regional networks that mirror the NCDPI Regional Support Structure. These regional advisory networks allow ELC’s from neighboring counties to connect and share pressing issues specific to their region of the state. The ELC Advisory Network also has a statewide ELC Advisory Network Steering Committee. This committee, made up of ELCs from each region of the state, guides the work of the network by providing NCVirtual staff direct feedback on emerging issues statewide.

Regional Network Map


Contact Us

Contact Chris Coby for details.