End-of-Semester Reminders

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The end of the semester is approaching, and we have a few tips for schools to help close out the semester. Following these steps will help with the success of your students and help you have grades prepared for your final report cards.


Students will lose access to their courses at midnight on the last day of class. Students will not be able to submit assignments after the last day of class!

Mark these dates on your calendar for the close of Fall 2021 classes:

Last Day of Early Start Classes: December 10, 2021

Grades Posted for Early Start Classes: December 16, 2021

Last Day for Standard Start Classes: January 7, 2022

Grades Posted for Standard Start Classes: January 13, 2022

Standard Start Early Course Completion Date: December 10, 2021

Grades Posted for Standard Start Early Course Completion: December 16, 2021

EOC and CTE Testing

Schools must administer all EOC and CTE state tests. (Note: Some CTE courses do not have a state test.) Schools will also need to average the EOC and CTE scores into the grades that we post for those courses. If you’ve not already made arrangements with your school’s testing coordinator, please do that right away. Our final grade report will have EOC and CTE anticipated scores for your testing coordinators.


Our final grade report will show the weighted course work grade (80% ) and the final exam grade (20%) and final grade. EOC and CTE courses will only show the one marking period grades. Schools will need to calculate in the EOC and CTE state test grades.  Follow this link to see what the final grade report will look like.

NCVPS Grading Policies

You will want to be aware of our grading policy and how we weight grades, especially for state-tested courses where you will need to calculate the final grade once you receive your test scores. Review our Grades Quick Reference Guide to see how we calculate grades.

Report Cards and Transcripts

Schools must enter grades into PowerSchool. Be sure the data manager has access to the grade report and understands our grade calculations. Be sure to examine the spreadsheet closely to find the final grade. This will be essential when your data manager enters NCVPS grades into PowerSchool to avoid data entry errors.

Middle School Reporting

Middle schools should ensure that they use the NCVPS course codes so that their students can receive high school credit for the courses that they take with us. You can find course codes in our catalog, or in the second column of any grade report.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Please see our “Reporting NCVPS Classes On Transcripts for the NCAA” quick reference guide here. There are some essential reporting steps to take to ensure a student’s NCAA eligibility.

Grade Questions

If you have questions about a student’s grade, you should send those directly to the student’s teacher or submit a help ticket to the Virtual Support Center.


We have a five-day extension period for courses. These extensions do not require approval from our Instructional Directors. Instead, schools will work directly with the NCVPS teacher, and the teacher will grant the 5-day extension. If a longer extension is required, the teacher will work with the Instructional Director on a case by case basis.