English Language Learners


Program Overview

In order to support the needs of English Language Learners (ELs) throughout the state, NCVPS is revising several core courses to include WIDA-based supports for ELs. A subject-certified, WIDA trained teacher will teach EL students alongside their Native-English speaking peers.  The courses fully align with Common Core Standards for English Language Arts include language development supports for all domains of language. EL students will have the opportunity to read, write, speak, and listen alongside their peers.

Our Traditional English 1 and Traditional English 2 courses are designed with supports for English Language (EL) Learners.  We now offer EL English I and EL English II courses. These courses are designed to supplement a school’s support plan for EL students. Our EL courses will not replace school-level supports and support personnel for EL students. These courses allow EL students to complete standards-aligned courses with their native English-speaking peers.  

Schools are encouraged to enroll EL students of all ACCESS levels. When enrolling students with emerging learner ACCESS scores to Intermediate learner ACCESS scores, schools should provide school-level support to ensure success.  

Levels of School Support

School-level support for emerging to intermediate learners should include a daily work environment with a faculty member designated to support EL learners in the online environment.

The school-level support person should be in daily communication with our online teacher about the student’s progress and daily course focus.

This partnership between the school and our teacher helps us to ensure that the emerging and intermediate learners have the necessary supports in place both in our course and at the school.

Enrollment Process

When schools are ready to enroll their EL students in our English I and II courses, they should choose the courses titled “EL English I” or “EL English II” in our registration system.

Registering the students this way helps us to ensure that the students are placed with a teacher who has training in strategies and a background with EL students. This also alerts our teacher to follow up with the school about the individual student needs of each EL student enrolled.

In the NCVPS Registration system, please register EL English 1 students in the course titled EL English I (10212X0). English 1 students should still be registered in the course titled English I (10212X0).

Please Note: The course code is the same, but the titles distinguish an EL registration from a Traditional registration. Our Instructional Directors and Registration team will combine these students into single course sections and assign them to a 9-12 English-certified, WIDA trained teacher who can meet the needs of all students.

For more on the course, you can see the course outline here.

See NCDPI’s EL Development Standards for more information. 

Please contact The Virtual Support Center with questions.