Flex Learning


NCVirtual serves students in special and emergency situations with Flex Learning enrollments. Flex Learning gives schools options for students who need solutions outside the regular scheduling windows during a school year. This allows NCVPS to become an intervention strategy for schools with difficult student-enrollment situations. Flex learning allows students to work at their own pace to complete the course with their NCVirtual teacher.

Here are examples of how NCVirtual has helped with flexible options:

• In one scenario, a student needed to complete both Spanish 1 and 2 during the Fall semester. The student started Spanish 1 in August and finished coursework mid-semester. Spanish 2 was started mid-semester and completed successfully in December. The student was able to earn both Spanish 1 and 2 full course credits within one semester

• In another scenario, a student needs to have Principles of Business as a yearlong option due to medical reasons which cause the student to miss some school days and not able to work daily.

If students already have instructional time with a teacher, they would simply be transfer students, and schools would follow the transfer student process.

If Flex students finish the course in the same semester they are enrolled, then the allotment deduction is the same as a block enrollment. If students finish the course in the following semester, then the allotment deduction will be the same as a yearlong enrollment.

Do you think you have students that could benefit from a Flex Learning enrollment option? Please complete a Help Desk ticket through the Virtual Support Center; this protects student information as required by FERPA.

Indicate in the ticket that this is a Flex Learning enrollment request. The student should be either new to the course (no instructional time yet) or in an emergency situation. In an emergency situation, the student may already be enrolled in a block course with us, but due to the emergency, the student needs a yearlong option.

Next, identify the following in your ticket:

• Student’s Name:

• Student’s PowerSchool Number:

• School name/LEA name:

• Student’s Email:

• Student’s Phone Number:

• Parent Contact Information:

• Grade Level:

• Does the student have an IEP? (yes/no):

• OCS (yes/no):

• Is the student an English Language (EL) learner? (yes/no):

• Does the student have a 504 Plan? (yes/no):

• Course:

• Does the student have a transfer grade for this course?

• Do you have an estimated end date for this student’s work in the course?

If the student already has instructional time and it’s not an emergency situation, you can follow the same process. In the ticket, indicate you are making a transfer enrollment request instead of a Flex Learning enrollment request.