Funding Formula and Financial Information

Funding NCVPS

NCVPS is funded by a formula established by the North Carolina General Assembly. The legislation was modified several times since 2005. Session Law 2011-145 (Section 7.22.(d)) established the current funding formula. Additional funding flexibility was provided in Session Law 2012-142 (Section 7.22.(k))

Allotment Information

The Department of Public Instruction’s Financial and Business Services staff determines funding for enrollments by each school district or charter school using a statistical projection. This projection is finalized and shared with school districts and charter schools around the beginning of June each year. Specific information about funding formula projections and financial transparency information is available at the Financial and Business Services Web page.

School Costs Per Enrollment

  • Summer Classes: $235
  • Fall/Spring Block Classes: $349
  • Year-Long Classes: $438