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Getting to Know NCVirtual

If you are not familiar with us. . . . We are the state’s official online school with over 58,000 enrollments in the 2018-2019 school year. We deliver high-quality online courses that are taught by certified North Carolina teachers to students from across the state regardless of their zip codes.

We opened our doors in 2007 and have had the privilege to teach students from the Outer Banks to the Appalachian Mountains. We have emerged with both a sense of pride and a sense of urgency.

We now offer six different programs: Traditional, Occupational Course of Study, Flex Learning, Math Intervention, Middle School, and English Language Learners. We have something to fit every type of learner and every type of situation.

We have a compelling story to tell, and we would like to showcase some of our successes and invite you to partner with us to ensure that all North Carolina students have the same opportunities.

Please take a few minutes to check us out by clicking on the tabs above the video. We believe you will find a shining example of what North Carolina educators can do and a powerful message that you will want to share with others.

Exceptional GrowthNCVPS has experienced over 300% growth in enrollments since our inception. This past year, over 57,000 students enrolled into our courses. All 115 North Carolina school districts, over sixty charter schools, plus private and home-schooled students have enrolled with us.

Those growing numbers represent a change in culture. School leaders are recognizing the flexibility of online learning, and in North Carolina that flexibility comes with reliability and accountability in NCVPS courses.

North Carolina students have earned over 268,000 credits in our courses. That is a lot of promotions and graduations. We are pleased to help advance those efforts!
Exceptional TeachersOur teachers are at the heart of what we do. Our courses are teacher driven. We are not an online software program. All of our teachers are certified in North Carolina and have met the “highly qualified” standard established by the Department of Public Instruction before they can apply to teach with NCVPS.

Prospective teachers must successfully complete our “Teacher Induction Process,” which is an 18-week program consisting of 9 weeks of online training followed by a 9-week practicum (a student-teaching experience).

When instructors teach their first online course with us, they are as well-trained as any online teacher in the nation. Our teachers become highly proficient in the use of modern technology tools for teaching and learning, skills that they take back to their traditional classrooms, too. That is a great bonus for the traditional classrooms!

Among our 600+ Teachers per Semester:

  • 64% have Master Degrees
  • 43% are National Board Certified
  • 100% are North Carolina Highly Qualified

NCVPS offers over 150 different courses

Our course offerings include advanced placement, electives, traditional, honors, core, STEM, occupational course of study, flex learning, and English Learners courses.

QM-certified graphicOur courses are high-quality. NC Virtual ranks first among K-12 organizations in the world with QM-certified courses. When you see QM Certification Marks on courses or programs, it means they have met QM Course Design Standards or QM Program Review criteria in a rigorous review process. Visit our QM-certified courses page for a current list. 

We help schools across the state expand their own catalogs by offering courses that they might not otherwise be able to offer. For instance, a district might have five students from three different schools who want to take Japanese, but that is not enough demand to hire a Japanese teacher, so in the past, those students would go unserved. Now schools turn to NCVPS to satisfy those enrollment demands.

Having access to NCVPS courses helps students personalize their education with classes that they have a keen interest in. Additionally, students from all parts of the state can now compete equally for college admissions and scholarships.

Home and Private School Connections

In the spring of 2012, we opened up direct enrollment for home-schooled and private school students. For a small enrollment fee, non-public school students can have access to the same online courses as public school students.

Our courses are anywhere from 50% to 75% cheaper than other online courses that non-public school students can choose from. None of those vendor courses come with the same quality or care that our teachers provide.

Our non-public enrollment increases each semester. We look forward to greater growth as we tap into that community. Visit our Home and Private School page to learn more about our non-public enrollment process.

Student Connections

We have had an incredible collection of students from across the state enrolled in our courses. This past year, we had a student who was a professional race car driver, and he needed a flexible schedule to pursue his dreams. We had a student who was on the junior pro tennis tour who needed a flex schedule to meet her travel demands. We had a soccer player who broke her leg so badly that she had to go on homebound status. She took all of her advanced placement classes with us and earned a Morehead scholarship later that year.

We have also had students in less fortunate circumstances. We have had a student who was the primary caregiver for his ill parent, and he needed time away from the traditional school setting. We have had students who were the primary source of income for their families, and they needed to adjust their school schedules to allow time for work. We have had a number of students who have been able to continue their education and stay connected while undergoing treatments during extended hospital stays.

We are proud that we were able to help all of these students and thousands of other students throughout North Carolina, but we still move forward with a sense of urgency.

Student Sam Washko

Sam, a senior at Salisbury High School, took her AP Computer Science class with us. In the class, she learned to write her first Java program, and from there, she wrote more complex programs with multiple parts and advanced coding. 

Student Spotlight

Taking the class gave Samantha the skills and confidence she needed to apply for Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute. During the interview process, a Google representative asked her specific coding questions that she had learned through various projects in the class.

Samantha impressed the Google staff, and they accepted her into the prestigious program. She is now spending her July at Googleplex in Mountain View, California, with all her expenses paid.

That is opportunity!

These students found success because they had the opportunity to take classes with us. In fact, the singular most American characteristic for success is “opportunity.” We are, indeed, the land of opportunity.

That is what we want to bring to all North Carolina students. Opportunity.

NCVPS has partnered with pilot schools to launch its Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) initiative. This blended model uses a partnership between NCVPS online teachers and on-site teachers specially trained to support students in accessing the virtual courses and mastering the content. Students use modern digital tools, and teachers employ innovative instructional strategies.

Carrie Ann Miller is one of our partner teachers at Greene Central High School. She was awarded the STEM Teacher of the Month under the WNCT and STEM East partnership. Watch the video to check out her story!

OCS Courses

In our Occupational Course of Study (OCS) program, we provide online teachers who are the subject matter experts, and the school provides the on-site exceptional children’s teachers. The results have been dramatic. Some people assume that special-needs students cannot learn online. We have found the exact opposite to be true.

This special population of students now has two highly qualified and very dedicated teachers who care for them. This program has helped many OCS students feel connected for the first time to what is going on in school. The heart-felt responses from students, parents, and our OCS classroom teachers have been truly remarkable. Please read some of those testimonials here.