nc virtual announcement

NC Virtual Announcement

Update March 11, 2020: NCVirtual is preparing for school closings due to the coronavirus. We will follow the same preparedness plan that we use for inclement weather delays. We will, also, work with state and local leaders as new details emerge.

Update Sept 8, 2019: Due to school closings, NCVirtual has extended its Drop/Add date to Wednesday, Sept. 11.

NCVirtual has an inclement weather plan and is making preparations for Hurricane Dorian, which will likely impact access to online courses for some students. We have plans for both short-term and long-term outages and closings.

NCVirtual will do the following if the hurricane or inclement weather disrupts school operations:

  • Notify NCVirtual teachers of the storm’s impact on North Carolina schools and districts.
  • Ensure that NCVirtual teachers have flexible plans for students who cannot access their online courses. Teachers will monitor student logins, remain flexible, and communicate with students about progress and needs.
  • Communicate to districts and students any interruption to services that NCVirtual might experience (power outages, access issues, etc.). This information will be provided through our website, email, social media, and in Canvas (our learning management system).
  • Communicate with teachers to determine which teachers have also been affected by any inclement weather.

Districts should be prepared to do the following:

  • Communicate to NCVirtual and/or NCVirtual teachers any school or district closures due to inclement weather. You may open a ticket with our Support Center or email us with your closings. We know it may take a few days to do this as local districts recover from the weather event.
  • Notify students of any services that may be interrupted due to inclement weather that may affect NCVPS operations.

Parents and students can do the following:

  • Notify their NCVPS teachers, if possible, if access to courses has been affected due to inclement weather.
  • Communicate with the NCVPS teacher regarding make-up work.
  • Note that if students have continued access to courses, they may continue working if their situation allows, even if their schools are closed.