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Iwork Speaker Series

NC Virtual is now hosting an Iwork@NCVPS speaker series to include presentations about career paths and jobs by those working in the field. We feel that it is never too early to start thinking about your future, and we are now providing a platform for our students to gain insight and exposure to potential career paths while still in middle or high school.

Sessions focus on a large variety of careers and jobs, but all sessions will cover the following information:

  • Prerequisites & Education: Degrees, Certificates, Trainings, Professional Experience & Resumes
  • Getting the Job: Job Search, Interview Process, Internships, Apprenticeships, Climbing the Ladder
  • Daily Responsibilities (Micro): Job duties, Location, Market Environment
  • Industry Environment (Macro): Industry Trends, Competition

Join us in the next Session to start thinking about your future after high school!

The Iwork@NCVPS series will focus on career exploration with guest speakers representing a broad range of career fields in order to inform students of the multitude of career and educational opportunities available to them. Check back after each episode is completed to view the archived episode.


Stay tuned for more sessions Summer 2020.



Episode 10: Community College Options with CFNC

Brittany Privott, CFNC Representative, join us once again to look at post-high school two-year community college options for careers as well as transfer tips to a four-year program. She will share timely information for students and their families who are affected by loss of income with COVID-19.

Presenter: Brittany Privott, CFNC

Date Aired: May 26, 2020

Episode Archive: Episode 10 Archive Link

Episode 9: Architecture and Engineering the Design of a Building 

Want to learn more about architecture and design careers? Jeff Roman, Engineer, & Shana Hetherington, Architect, from Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, will join our Iwork@NCVPS Speaker Series to share about their work and careers in this field. The topic is Architecture and Engineering – The Design of Building.

Date Aired: May 22, 2020

Episode Archive: Episode 9 Archive Link

Episode 8: Amy Denton – CFNC

Wishing you could go on a college tour during Spring 2020? Not happening this spring, but you can do the next best thing – go virtually! Amy Denton, our 252 CFNC Regional Rep, will share how you can take that trip from your couch. Find this great feature at the College Foundation of NC website as well as learn more about the College Redirection Pool, and some Student Enrichment Programs. You are sure to find out some great information! 

Date Aired: April 30, 2020

Episode Archive: Episode 8 Archive Link


Episode 7: Brittany Privott – CFNC

With some time in your week with our Stay at Home learning, you will want to be thinking about how you can prepare for your future educational endeavors. Join CFNC Representative Brittany Privott as she discusses Getting Ready for College, Essay & Application Tips plus how you can prepare for senior year as a freshman, sophomore or junior to take some of the stress away. Preparation is the key, and Ms. Privott shares how you can work toward that goal.

Date Aired: April 23, 2020

Episode Archive: Episode 7 Archive Link


Episode 6: Timeka Ruffin – CFNC

As students get ready to take their next steps, it is a great time to learn more about the financial side of education. Join CFNC Representative Timeka Ruffin as she shares some financial tips and ways that you can find funding to make your post-high school education possible

Date Aired: April 9, 2020

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Episode 5: Marlene Mueller – Biotechnology

Do you have an interest in biotechnology and how it can be used? We are excited to have Marlene Mueller present to us about her work as the Commercial Yeast Business Lead for Novozymes North America. Novozymes has a biotech company in Franklinton, NC. You are sure to find out some awesome things in this wonderful presentation. 

Date Aired: February 25, 2020

Episode Archive: Episode 5 Archive Link

Episode 4: Herman Hall – Real Estate Industry

NC Virtual’s own Senor Herman Hall joins us as an entrepreneur and real estate industry career speaker. He shares information on real estate topics, which include tax advantages, cash flow, appreciation, how real estate loans work, and how to analyze real estate deals. See real world math application skills and how you can use them in this career.

Date Aired: February 20, 2020

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Episode 3: Tyler McGraw – Software Engineer

Tyler has been developing mobile and web applications for ten years, and his resume is impressive! Applications that he’s built include an augments reality app for the New Orleans Saints, a surfing app that uses wave data from ocean buoys, and a tool library app for a multi-billion dollar construction company.

Tyler currently works remotely from home in Winston Salem as a software engineer for a New York-based startup called Extend.
He has volunteered for Code.org for over 6 years, and he wants to encourage younger students to get into coding. He never had the chance until he went to college.

Date Aired: January 30, 2020

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Episode 2: Paying for College

Understanding financial aid and ways to pay for college. Presented by College Foundation of North Carolina. Helping you plan, apply and pay for college – a free service of the state! Topics included financial aid basic, college costs, applying for financial aid, other ways to pay for college, eligibility for financial aid, scholarships, Grants, Work-Study, Loans, and CFNC tools and materials.

Date Aired: December 11, 2019

Episode Archive: Episode 2 Archive Link


Episode 1: Finding Yourself and Your Future!

Laura Misner from the College Foundation of North Carolina will kick off the Iwork@NCVPS speaker series with her informative and engaging presentation of career interests and exploration titled, “Finding Yourself and Your Future.” Topics included: Learn about Yourself, Free interest & personality assessments, See the hottest careers in North Carolina, Understand different types of colleges, Find the RIGHT college for you, Explore programs and major, and Free resources and material on CFNC.

Date Aired: November 25, 2019

Episode Archive: Episode 1 Archive Link