NCVPS is pleased to announce that its Mastery Learning for First-Time Credit pilot program is ready to go statewide. This program gives schools the option to provide alternative scheduling to students in special enrollment situations. NCVPS will function as an intervention for students in these situations.

Quick Snapshot!

  • Students who complete the course earn full credit and a final grade.
  • Mastery Learning courses are the full courses with no exempted material.
  • Mastery Learning courses are the same course code as traditional courses.
  • Students have a flexible environment in which to learn with their NCVPS teacher.
Program Overview

NCVPS began using mastery learning when we launched our credit recovery program in 2008. Now the future of learning model points toward mastery learning, and we have taken what works so well in our credit recovery program and applied it to our standard courses.

How will mastery learning work for first-time credit? Here are the details:

  • Allows schools the option to schedule differently students in special situations that don’t happen during convenient scheduling windows during a school year.
  • Allows NCVPS to become an intervention strategy for schools with difficult student situations.
  • Students who are in a course for first time credit and need another scheduling option can begin the same course in NCVPS from the NCVPS course beginning and work at their own pace to complete the course. Enrollment start date/end date are not time bound.
  • An exceptional NCVPS veteran teacher will be assigned to in the Mastery Learning for First Time Credit student to teach, direct, and support.

mastery graphic

This mastery learning programs allows students to take a first-time credit course from the beginning and work at their own pace to complete the course with their NCVPS teacher. The enrollment start date is not time bound, similar to our credit recovery courses.

In one scenario from our pilot program, a student was unable to attend class in the morning at his traditional school due to the effects of a medication he was taking. The student was failing both morning courses by October while the student was passing both afternoon courses. The student could not be an NCVPS transfer because the content mastery did not exist and both courses were failing grades. Instead, this student’s principal allowed the student to take the same two courses through NCVPS, beginning the course right when the course was needed. The student came to his traditional school for his afternoon classes, and he worked after school and in the evening on his two NCVPS courses. This student was successful in all four of his courses for the semester.

Success from 2014-2015 school year showed that over 80% of the students enrolled in the pilot program were successful in completing the course, mastering the content, and moving to the next level of instruction.

Which NCVPS option is best for your student?

NCVPS provides schools with many enrollment options. Mastery Learning provides yet another option so students don’t fall through the “enrollment window cracks.”

Mastery Learning is not a replacement for……..

  1. Traditional Enrollments - If a student can start a course within the traditional start dates, this may be the best first option.
  2. Extension Requests - Mastery learning is not a replacement for students who need a short 3-day or our longer 2-week extension at the end of the semster.
  3. Transfer Students - If a student meets transfer requirements, this may be the best first option.
  4. Credit Recovery - If a student needs a credit recovery course, NCVPS Credit Recovery, with its flexible enrollment dates, may be the best first option.

Mastery Learning is for those situations where students need a course and none of the options above work -- that’s where Mastery Learning comes in!

Due to the requirements of EOC testing, these courses are not a good fit at this time for mastery learning.

Students work at their own pace with their NCVPS teacher. The expectations for NCVPS teachers remain the same for teacher grading, communication, and teaching. The NCVPS teacher will keep parents and students informed of student progress with weekly updates.

We are working with the mastery learning concept -- this means that once a student masters the concept (85 or above), the student moves on. But our teachers have flexibility as well. A student may come to the course with knowledge -- our teachers can assess where that student is and only require assignments for a unit that present new learning. This is especially important for students who have already started the course but needed to move to the Mastery Learning option.

When a student is enrolled into the Mastery Learning for First Time Credit course, schools are charged the block enrollment fee of $349. If the student’s time in the course extends to another semester, the school is not charged again. After two semesters, NCVPS and the school will discuss future plans and needs for the student.

Do you think you have students that could benefit from the Mastery Learning for First Time Credit program?

Please do a quick Help Desk ticket through the Virtual Support Center; this protects student information as required by FERPA. Identify the following in your ticket:

  1. Identify “Mastery Learning Request” in your ticket title.
  2. Include the student’s full name
  3. Include the student’s PowerSchool ID number
  4. Include your school name
  5. Identify the course needed.
  6. Also include any relevant details such as what is happening with the student so that Mastery Learning is needed.
  7. NCVPS will respond quickly to your ticket to see how we can best help your students!