Raleigh, March 6, 2020 — Alexa Haselhorst has been named the 2020 NCVirtual Teacher of the Year. We are extremely proud of her excellence in teaching as well as her leadership during her tenure with the organization. Please join us in congratulating her.

“Alexa’s passion for high-quality online education is visible through her tireless advocacy for all students and her fellow teachers,” says Dr. Rachel McBroom, NCVirtual Chief Learning Officer. “Her dedication to NCVirtual students is contagious, and I am delighted to be able to recognize her achievements.”

Alexa teaches French 2 and French 3 Honors for NCVirtual, where she has taught for the past nine years. Alexa also serves as a French-language instructional leader and has previously served as a curriculum team lead and curriculum reviewer.

“Alexa is a strong instructional leader for our French team,” says Ellen Hart, Instructional Director for World Languages. “She takes her role seriously. It is an honor to work with Alexa and to have her recognized as the NCVirtual Teacher of the Year.”

Before joining NCVirtual, Alexa taught in the classroom at North Mecklenburg High School in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. She also taught at Walker Mill Middle School in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Alexa has a Bachelor of Arts degree in French with a minor in Spanish from Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. She has National Board Certification in World Languages.

Alexa is a role-model teacher and advocate for all students. “I am passionate about all students having access to a good education with good teachers and resources,” she says. “I’m also passionate about public education and affordable housing.”

Through her many roles with NCVirtual, Alexa understands the benefits of online learning. “Virtual courses level the playing field for many students. It allows students to take courses they would not otherwise be able to.”

Online teaching is at the intersection of technology and education, and that can be challenging. Alexa has advice for other teachers: “Technology is always changing, so roll with it and continue to grow to find ways to best reach the students. Students need to know that their virtual teacher is a teacher who wants them to succeed.”

Alexa knows the keys to success for online learning. “Communicate with your teachers!” she advises. “Most teachers want to help their students, but if you don’t let your online teachers know what is going on, they won’t know how to help you.”

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting the parent of one of Alexa’s former French II students,” McBroom says. “Although an online foreign language course was not the preferred choice of this parent, Alexa’s passion and dedication helped her daughter to ‘rock it’ and the parent was ’delighted with the experience.’ Alexa’s outstanding teaching was instrumental in the parent’s subsequent decision to request that her child be enrolled in another NCVirtual course this semester.”

Alexa and her husband, Tim, have three children in elementary school, and they love to travel. That’s not surprising for a world language teacher!

Alex and her Family

Alexa and her family.

NCVirtual selects one teacher from a group of three finalists to represent the school as its Teacher of the Year. We would also like to celebrate our other two finalists, Kim Loudermilk (Success 101) and Kristen Thomas (OCS English). All the finalists exemplified the highest degree in their commitment to student success, knowledge and skills as professional educators, and dedication to the NCVirtual online program.

NCVirtual is the nation’s second-largest state-led virtual school. With over 50,000 enrollments a year, NCVirtual has had enrollments from all 115 school districts, most charter schools, and a growing number of home and private schools.

NCVirtual offers over 150 different courses as a supplement to the local high school course catalog and includes advanced placement, occupational course of study, electives, traditional, honors, intervention, co-teaching, and partnership courses. Certified North Carolina instructors teach all NCVirtual courses and provide strategies for active student engagement through a variety of technology tools. Teachers are required to contact students and parents regularly to maximize the student-teacher relationship.

Courses are free to students who enroll through their local North Carolina schools. NCVirtual is available to home school and private school students for a small fee. By virtue of online course delivery, students now have access to rigorous courses and high-quality teachers regardless of ZIP code.