nc virtual super student carolina cMeet Caroline C: 

“As someone who can have a hard time with deadlines, I really like how with Latin 1, I can do some work ahead of time because it has already been given to me. While memorizing the vocab definitely isn’t necessary, it really does make things a little easier to have some in your head so you don’t have to constantly be flipping between notes.” –Caroline C ., NC Virtual Latin Student

“Caroline comes to every single live class where we do the translation assignments.  She carries everyone with her great translation skills. Translating is the most difficult part of Latin I for most students and Caroline is really helping out her entire class with her excellent participation in live class.”  – Shara Packman,  NC Virtual Latin 1 Teacher

Caroline’s NCVPS Experience: 

I have been considering going into the medical field, and I thought that taking Latin could be helpful.

Caroline’s Semester Goals: 

For the past few years, I have been trying very hard to get at least A/B honor roll and since I began high school, I have been meeting that goal by just trying to get things done and working on time management. 

Caroline’s Future Goals:  

For now, I’m considering going into nursing.

Tidbits on Caroline: 

For a few years, I competed in a form of gymnastics that involved trampoline and tumbling. It was very fun and a good outlet for me, but after cheering for a year, it just didn’t feel like the right fit for me anymore.

For Fun: 

I like to watch a lot of TV and YouTube, whether I’m completely paying attention, or just playing it in the background.  I’m a big fan of the early Simpsons. When I was little, we would watch DVDs of the first four seasons a lot and it’s something I have bonded with my dad over.