Super Student Sanchit S.Meet Sanchit

“I plan on entering the medical field and I want to specialize in neurology, specifically neurosurgery. To reach those goals, I plan on taking challenging AP classes throughout high school and dedicating myself to service and leadership activities through the various clubs and organizations that I am a part of. Also, since I attend an Early College program, I will save around 1-1.5 years of college allowing me to enter and specialize in my field early. It will help me get used to the heavy workload that I will experience in future education.” Sanchit S.

“I first met Sanchit as a student in my Principles of Business and Finance summer session course. He was a rising 9th grader and demonstrated an understanding of the business concepts better than most seasoned Seniors. I knew I had an impressive student in my sights, so I cast my line and fortunately snagged him as a volunteer for NC Virtual’s Peer Tutoring Center (PTC).  He has continued to impress by tutoring in various subjects. In his short time with us (joined August 2020), Sanchit has become a significant part of our Virtual Buddy Program, and he has taken on a Co-Lead role for NCVirtual’s PTC Writing Center. These are just a few of his contributions to the PTC, and I did not even touch on his local school and community accomplishments, which is why he is a SUPER STUDENT!” –Elizabeth Seastrunk, NCVirtual CTE Teacher and Peer Tutoring Instructional Leader

Sanchit’s NCVirtual Experience

When I was in middle school, I wanted to apply to an Early College program for high school. The program I was applying to required me to take English I, and my school didn’t offer that course, so I took English I Honors on NCVirtual. A few months later, I took Principles of Business and Finance during the summer to make up for a credit my high school wasn’t going to offer. I also took Health and PE that same summer to get ahead on some required credits.

I have taken English I Honors, Principles of Business and Finance, and Health/PE on NCVirtual. I plan to take Spanish IV in the Summer of 2021.

Taking an online course helped me get ahead on high school credits. It gave me flexibility when selecting my high school classes. I was also able to learn a lot of practical, real-world content, and skills that will help me in the future. It taught me time-management skills and helped me increase my skills in different programs/software.

One thing that really surprised me about taking online classes was teacher interaction. I always thought that in online classes getting help from teachers would be difficult, because you aren’t directly receiving instruction from them. I was surprised about the level and consistency of communication I received from my NCVirtual teachers. They always answered my questions when needed and provided resources to help with assignments.

My advice to other online students is to complete your assignments ahead of time and create and follow a daily schedule to complete assignments. It’s also very important to ask questions whenever you are in doubt. Finally, most important of all is to develop relations with your teachers. The more you connect with them, the more they will support you and make your online course experience better and easier to adjust to.

I prefer to spend my downtime volunteering, although I try to go outside as much as possible. I joined the NCVirtual Peer Tutoring Center (PTC) in August of 2020 and I have been really active, getting over 100 hours in my first 3.5 months! I love volunteering with this amazing group of tutors because I get to give back to the community and help other students whose shoes I was in as an NCVirtual student. Many times, students aren’t comfortable talking to teachers about issues they are facing; at the PTC, we help them with course content and guide them through any difficulties that they may be facing through the different departments that we have.

Favorite Books 

My favorite book series is Harry Potter, and my favorite movie is the Harry Potter series!

Life Outside of Class

I have been playing the piano for 9 years now and I have won many district-wide/state-wide awards for it. I also play professional chess. I am a first-degree Black Belt at Taekwondo America. In school, I have been doing Science Olympiad for the past 2 years. I am also a member of the Quiz Bowl team as well as Service-Learning Ambassadors. I am the 9th grade representative for the student council. I am also part of an organization in our school called Students Leading for Service and Social Justice (SLSSJ). The SLSSJ advocates for student representation and equality throughout our school, and we work with the faculty/administration to help enhance students’ high school experience. This school year I joined ECG Robotics FRC Team 1533, and I am actively working with the programming and scouting teams.

I like to play my instruments and practice extracurriculars to relax. I enjoy listening to music and watching TV, as it helps me get rid of any stress. I like spending time with my family and friends and talking with them frequently in person or on the phone.

I have developed 2 apps in the Google Play Store using Java and XML. I taught myself how to use Android Studio and Java, and I was able to create these apps in April and July of 2020, respectively. I have always been fond of programming, and I was able to use my accumulated knowledge in a very effective way.

Healthy Living

I’m not a big fan of smoothies, but my favorite snack would be anything with Nutella! Nutella by itself tastes very good and combining it with strawberries, pancakes, and other things goes really well!


I had a goal of getting to at least 100 service-learning hours before the end of the first semester. I worked towards this goal by managing my time and work efficiently. I worked with my teachers and peers and planned out my weekly/monthly schedule so that I could fit a designated time to tutor students and work on other PTC projects. 100 hours is the minimum hour requirement throughout the 4 years of high school, and I have already completed 100+ hours in the first 3.5 months of high school! If I keep working hard and volunteering, I will be able to help many students and improve the lives of many families who are worried about their children underperforming in their NCVirtual classes.

Personal Notes

My family and I travel to India frequently to visit relatives and keep in touch with everyone. I have been to many airports and I love traveling by airplane! I have visited 15 of the US states so far and I hope to do more soon!