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Middle School Courses

NCVPS offers a number of opportunities for middle school students. We have middle school courses designed specifically for the middle school experience. In addition, middle school students may take many of our high school courses and earn high school credit. Learn more about our high school courses for middle school students here.

NCVPS Middle School Courses

Our middle school courses are designed for middle school students, have the appropriate rigor for middle-grade students, and are taught by North Carolina certified, highly qualified middle-school teachers.

Middle School Points of Interest

  • Classes are 45 minutes in length.
  • All courses middle school courses are electives.
  • Courses are accommodating to students with varied experience and ability levels.
  • Courses provide relevance for middle school students.
  • The courses have a strong focus on the universal design for learning (UDL) principles and provide multiple ways to view content and assess students. The courses are not lectures and tests!
  • The “Getting Started Unit” is badge based and focused on middle school students

The following courses are for middle school credit only:

Middle School Creative Writing
Course Code: 10262Y0
Course Offering: Semester for 1 credit
Prerequisites: None
This course introduces middle school students to various forms of creative writing. Students will learn reading, grammar, and writing skills through their interactions with and production of creative writing in these genres: short and long fiction, poetry, drama, and creative nonfiction. In addition to the production of creative writing pieces, emphasis is placed on exploring the genre as readers and on learning some of the literary tools creative writers use within that genre. Throughout the course, students will work towards the completion of a creative writing portfolio that will culminate in the final module. In addition, students will complete engaging activities and respond to journal prompts during their journey into creative writing.

Middle School Success 101
Course Code: 96102Y0
Course Offering: Semester for 1 credit
Prerequisites: None
This course introduces middle school students to online learning and teaches them skills necessary to be successful during their secondary and post-secondary educational career. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of study skills, time management skills, procedures for Internet use, researching and applying for jobs. In addition, students explore everyday living expenses through real-life applications and researching career, high school and post-secondary opportunities. The uses of technology to prepare and present information, conduct research, develop media skills, and apply problem-solving strategies in the academic disciplines are included.
Course Materials: Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Power Point, or OpenOffice
Course Websites: Click Here

Visual Arts Specialization (6 – 8): Middle School Art
Course Code: 55092Y0
Course Offering: Semester for 1 credit
Prerequisites: None
The Middle School Art course is designed to be a broad overview of the visual arts. Topics include the art of Western and NonWestern cultures and the history of art. The course will cover specific art processes to include, but may not be limited to, drawing, painting, printing, architecture design, photography, digital design, games, and sculpture. Careers in art will also be explored. It is expected that students will dedicate up to five hours a week to the course for reading, assignments, and projects. Students are required to purchase art supplies for successful completion of this course. NOTE: This course is not a prerequisite for any Intermediate level courses. Students will still need to take Beginner art (Art 1) to continue to intermediate level courses.

Required Equipment:

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Storage medium (16g or larger flash drive, external hard drive, and/or sufficient space on computer hard drive/school server)
  • Digital camera or scanner
  • Memory storage system for the camera
  • Cable (or other delivery system) for transferring the images from the camera to the computer you’ll be using to access the course
  • Method for saving images (flash or jump drive on which you can save your images or CD-RW drive that will allow you to save images to a CD)
  • Access to Microsoft Office Word and Powerpoint or free, open-source Open Office* (free Internet download)
  • Firefox or Safari web browser

Recommended (but not required):

Students must be familiar with the help features of the software they choose to use in this course.

Visual Arts Specialization (6 – 8): Middle Discovering Photography
Course Code: 55092Y0
Course Offering: Semester for 1 credit
Prerequisite: None. No prior photography experience is required.
Discover the art of digital photography! This beginner-level course will introduce you to basic digital camera techniques, photo composition, and image-editing software. Through weekly photo projects and interactive class discussions, you will learn to speak the “language of art” and gain a deeper understanding of self identity, visual storytelling, and your connection to the people and places around you. North Carolina photographic artists will share their images and experiences throughout this course, offering helpful tips to ignite your creative spark. This course has been created in collaboration with the North Carolina Museum of Art, with funding provided by the Wells Fargo Foundation.NOTE: This course aligns with 8th Grade North Carolina Essential Standards in Art.

Required Equipment:

Required Software:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, or free, open-source software such as GIMP (links provided in the course)
  • Graphic design software: Adobe InDesign, MS Publisher, or free, open-source software such as SCRIBUS

*Students MUST be familiar with the help features of the software they choose to use in this course and have access to a manual for the camera they use.