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NC Virtual Lunch Break

The NC Virtual Outreach and Support Team has expanded its office hours. Crystal Pullen, Lashaundon Perkins, and Adam Renfro host daily online office hours. District and school personnel, students, parents, and teachers can join them to ask questions and share needs as we all work to better serve our students in online and blended learning environments.

Any topics covered will be by request, so come with your questions to the NCVirtual Lunch Break. Why eat alone, when you can visit with friends and your counterparts from other schools and districts? Plus, you’ll get your questions answered along the way!

Update: The Lunch Hour will be on break over the holidays. We will see you again on January 3, 2022!

Access Details

Days: Monday-Friday

Time: 12:00 – 12:30 p.m.

Link: NCVirtual Lunch Break Online Room

Security: Your safety and security are always top priorities for us. You will initially enter a waiting room when you follow the Lunch Hour link. This helps us verify users before we bring them into the meeting.