Teacher Feedback – A Pathway to Success

Be sure students check the teacher feedback on their NCVirtual assignments. This should be part of their learning time each day.  

NCVirtual believes feedback is an essential aspect of student learning and engagement in an online course. Our teacher feedback is a direct form of communication that is instructional, encouraging, and personalized for each student.

Our teachers provide specific and direct feedback on student work. Students will find much more than “great work” or “try harder.” When students only see a grade, it does not move them forward. As part of our instructional model, our teachers use feedback to enhance student understanding and prepare the student for future learning. Our targeted feedback guides students through the learning process.  

Feedback can be in the form text, audio, imagery, or video. Yes, we provide that kind of feedback!

When appropriate and where possible, our teachers strive to provide real-world connections in the feedback and enrichment opportunities to enhance students’ understanding of the specific assignment.   

When our teachers address specific skills and objectives, they will comment on the student’s strengths and weaknesses, provide remediation resources, and encourage them to remain engaged in the course.  

Students will find feedback in two places in their Canvas course: the Grade Center and the course Inbox. To view feedback in the Grade Center, follow these View Annotation Feedback instructions. In addition, teachers will use text, phone, and Zoom sessions to communicate feedback. 

Please make sure your students take the time to review their teachers’ feedback. It will enhance their learning and improve their performance in the course.

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