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NCVirtual & Virtual Charter Schools

In February, 2015, the State Board of Education approved the opening of two online charter schools, the North Carolina Connections Academy (now the North Carolina Cyber Academy) and the North Carolina Virtual Academy.

The North Carolina Virtual Public School is not associated with either virtual charter school. NCVPS is a supplemental program for all the public middle schools and high schools in the state. The virtual charters function like regular charter schools except all of their courses are online.

Here is a comparison of NCVPS and the virtual charters:


  • NCVPS is a supplemental program for each high school and middle school in the state.
  • All NCVPS courses are taught by North Carolina certified teachers.
  • NCVPS helps schools with complex scheduling issues.
  • NCVPS helps students personalize their schedules.
  • NCVPS helps students enroll in courses that are not offered in their schools
  • Students can take all of their courses with NCVPS and still be a member of their local school.
  • Students can compete in sports and participate in clubs at their own schools when taking NCVPS classes.

The Virtual Charters

  • Virtual Charters are similar to regular charter schools.
  • Students take all classes online in virtual charter schools.
  • Virtual charter courses are taught by North Carolina certified teachers.
  • Parents function as “learning coaches” for students in virtual charter schools, especially in early grades.
  • Virtual charters grant diplomas.
  • The virtual charters are four-year pilot programs.
  • Students cannot be enrolled in courses with both their traditional school and a virtual charter school.

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