Supporting Students Online

Students and districts have several places to seek help. Determine which resource you need:

  • NCVPS Virtual Support Center – Students, e-learning advisors, school and district staff personnel, NCVPS teachers, and parents can all get questions answered and problems solved here.
  • NCVPS Instructors – for all instruction and grade questions.
  • E-learning Advisors – for students who need help with registration and other school-based issues and questions.
  • Peer Tutoring – class help for students from other students.

NCVPS Virtual Support Center

The Virtual Support Center serves NCVPS students and teachers, school-based facilitators and e-learning advisors (ELAs). Take a tour of our Virtual Support Center:

Here are the Virtual Support Center’s details:

Open an online ticket here:

  • Click “Open a New Ticket.”
  • Choose your role (student, ELA, etc.)
  • If you are an ELA completing a ticket for a student, include the student’s name, PowerSchool number, student’s email, and the course and teacher that the student needs help with.
  • Be sure to check your inbox for the solution or requests for more information!

Online tickets will be addressed throughout the instructional day. We will handle these in the order they are opened.


Contact information for teachers can be found under Staff Information in the student’s course. The instructor can help with the following:

  • Answer course content questions
  • Reset tests and quizzes
  • Fix dead links
  • Answer basic Blackboard and Moodle questions

E-Learning Advisor

Each school has an e-learning advisor (ELA). The ELA registers students and provides support at the school level.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors can helps students in numerous areas. Follow this link for full details on the peer tutoring program.